MY 1-2-3 CENTS PODCAST – EPISODE 217: Interview with Ryan Boman from The Gorilla Position

hosted by KEVIN HUNSPERGER – JAN 14, 2019

wrestlingmokey_finalI’ve made a lot of friends over the years, thanks to professional wrestling. One of them is Ryan Boman. But he’s not your average wrestling fan. Ryan has created a website called The Gorilla Position and is Telling the Stories of Pro Wrestling’s Storytellers.

From there, Ryan and his team developed Pinned.Biz which works to help market the men and women in the world of pro wrestling. I love the concept of both of his websites and we talk all about the idea behind them both in this week’s podcast.

Ryan also shares some thoughts on the landscape of today’s pro wrestling scene; including the creation of All Elite Wrestling. Plus, he was in Nashville recently covering Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming event. Give it a listen and check him out on social media too (@RyanKBoman & @TGPWeb on Twitter).



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