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by Ryan K. Boman, Editor-in-Chief 


for The Miami Herald, March 31, 2017


—“For a New York kid growing up just outside the bright lights of Broadway, the idea of being a performer often becomes a regular part of many childhood daydreams.

A young Bill Apter grew up in that environment, learning the value of a good show. Now, after nearly 50 years as professional wrestling’s most well-known journalist, he also knows the value of a good story.

“My grandparents had convinced me that [wrestling] was ‘fixed’,” Apter said. “I didn’t want to listen to them. I was always able to justify why a guy fell down when he wasn’t hit, or something like that.”


In Apter’s young mind, the action taking in place in the ring was never too contrived and the stories never too sensational. Ironically…”
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