By Ryan K. Boman, Editor-in-Chief,

Silence…. Broken.

The Hardy Boyz stunned the wrestling world tonight by making their return to World Wrestling Entertainment and hauling in their seventh tag team championship.

The first surprise of the night at WrestleMania took place during the RAW World tag Team title match, when hosts The New Day strolled to the ramp to announce that the fourth entrants in the match would be the decorated veterans.

The Hardys had been the center of much speculation since departing Impact Wrestling last month, which has led to lawsuits and trash talking on Twitter. After using the massively popular “Broken” gimmick, they were billed as simply, “Team Extreme”, for their appearance tonight at ‘Mania.

The returning Hardys joined Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, Enzo & Big Cass, and Cesaro and Sheamus in the championship ladder match, where they pulled out some of their same old tricks. Jeff Hardy relived some old glory with a suicidal swanton bomb late in the match that helped set up matt to grab the titles for the win.

No details are available yet on the deal the Hardys have agreed to with WWE. More details will be available at TheGorillaPosition as they become available.