Kayfabe TV: CWA (Memphis)

CWA Wrestling with Lance Russell & Dave Brown from WMC TV5 in Memphis from Saturday morning October 8, 1988. (as it aired originally, including local commercials)

– Bill Dundee & Todd Morton vs Keith Eric & The Hangman
– Highlights of the Texas/Tennessee shootout with the Memphis guys vs Hayes & The VonErichs
– The RPM’s vs Alan Reynolds & Rodney Napper
– Video of Downtown Bruno as Bill Dundee’s “Slave for a Day”
– Sid Vicious vs Tommy King
– Cactus Jack & Phil Hickerson vs Jeff Jarrett & BrickHouse Brown
– Jerry Lawler vs Terry Adonis
Also, interviews throughout the show with Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Downtown Bruno, Jeff Jarrett, BrickHouse Brown, Frank Dusek, Jerry Lawler, and others.