Simply Erin – 04.11.2017: Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Erin - Head Shot

By Erin Pennington, Staff Writer


People say it is not any fun getting older. For women, I think aging is really hard on the way you look. According to Dr. Oz, unless a woman’s diet is almost perfect, she will gain weight.  Not to mention all the other things the passage of time does to us.

Recently, when I was walking in the school hall, one of my co-workers told me she thought I looked like one of the kids. I responded, “Because I am short! All you have to do is take a good look at me to realize, I am not 18.” Lately, I have been feeling like a tree. Yes, a tree. It has been said that you can look at the rings on a piece of wood in a tree trunk to determine how old it is. Unfortunately, my rings are around my neck! The neck is going quickly.

Next, there is the skin. When I was in my twenties, I had beautiful healthy skin. Admittedly for as much damage as I have done to myself, it could look worse. I’ve never been a smoker, or a big drinker, but I started tanning in indoor sun tan beds when I was in my thirties and they do not do anyone any favors. It is however, relaxing, so I go back for more, always placing a towel and lots of sunscreen on my face.

How ‘bout those age spots? Yep, you heard me right, age spots. All of the years that I was on medication beginning from 2008, did some freaky things to my skin. Medication and sun bathing do not mix. It causes you to get ugly, unsightly, dark blotches everywhere. I have a sunspot so large on my forehead that it looks like a barcode that should be scanned! Uh no, all those spots on me are not birth marks, although I have plenty of those.

Don’t forget the lack of muscle tone… enter song, wobble baby, wobble. I have muscle because I lift weights, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have areas that wobble. I try to cut down on the jiggle as much as possible, but it happens. So yes ladies, I am sporting too much weight, rings around my neck, dark circles under my eyes, a few age spots here and there, a bit of wobble where there shouldn’t be, and stretch marks from giving birth 21 years ago.

You know what? Aging gracefully is a gift. You get to become more than your looks, than your teen years, and more than a number on a scale. If you are blessed with another day, you have been provided another opportunity to be better and be more. Not to mention the fact that with all of our imperfections, somebody loves us.  We may be referred to as Mom, or Grandma, or wife, or sister, or daughter. Whatever we are, in whatever stage of life we might be…we are more than our looks. Beauty truly is more than skin deep.


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