KAYFABE THEATER – 05.21.2017: NWA World Wide Wrestling (Oct. 16, 1983)

NWA World Wide, 10-16-1983

Taped: 10-12-1983
Spartanburg, SC – Memorial Auditorium





Charlie Brown, Brickhouse Brown, Terry Gibbs vs. Kelly Kiniski, Golden Boy Grey, Tom Lintz

Interview with NWA World Tag Team Champs Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood

Ric Flair, Orton, Slater Recap

Jack, Jerry Brisco vs. Brett Hart, Gene Ligon

Chavo Guerrero vs. Ben Alexander

Interviews with Harley Race, Bob Orton and Dick Slater

The Assassins vs. Steve Muslim, John Bonello

Bob Orton, Dick Slater vs. Keith Larsen, Ric McCord

Kevin Sullivan, Mark Lewin vs. Mark Fleming, Vinnie Valentino

Interview with The Assassins, Paul Jones



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