THE BOOKING REPORT – 05.29.2017: Jinder Mahal’s Title Reign



By The Unemployed Booker

The legendary boxer Sonny Liston once said, “A boxing match is like a cowboy movie. There’s got to be good guys and there’s got to be bad guys. And that’s what people pay for – to see the bad guys get beat.” Now that we have a true heel champion, it’s time to make people want to pay to see him get beat. So far, his build to the top spot has been pretty lackluster, but I still like him as the champ better than Orton. Randy just isn’t a compelling character right now. He’s supposed to be a likeable face, but he carries a heelish look and demeanor. It makes him a boring character. Jinder is a full-on heel. He does heelish things inside the ring, and he has the Singh brothers helping him to do heelish things outside the ring. They have the potential to become a solid stable that can draw great money, especially with the recent expansion into India. 
The Rematch 
First up, of course, is the rematch. The buildup to the match should be fairly standard. Randy gets the upper hand every chance he gets. He beats up the brothers and handles Jinder fairly easily. Once we make it to the match, we have the Singh Brothers interfere and help Jinder continue to be the champ. 
The Open Challenge 

Mahal has the potential to be a great heel champion, if he can ride the momentum he got from his Backlash title victory.

A very confident Jinder Mahal comes to the ring and issues an open challenge. Any pathetic American that thinks he can beat him should step up. He’ll fight anybody in the arena. He’ll even make it a title match! Then, instead of waiting for a competitor from the locker room, the Singh Brothers pick a “fan” from ringside to be the challenger. They drag him over the rail and throw him into the ring. Jinder obviously handles this jobber with ease. He continues this open challenge each week. Sometimes he beats them with ease, sometimes the Singh Brothers beat the guy down before they toss him into the ring for Jinder to easily retain his title. Then on July 4th they troll the audience for a “special fan.” This time they grab an older gentleman wearing a military veterans hat. They put him in the ring for what should be another easy victory for Jinder. Once the bell rings, the Maharaja begins to taunt the veteran. Finally, the champ dares the old veteran to hit him. The veteran takes a big swing and lands his best punch square on Jinder’s jaw. The shot instantly knocks out Mahal. The veteran and the ref stand in shock for a min. The ref then starts to instruct the vet to hurry and go for the pin. One! Two! The Singh Brothers pull the vet off of their fallen leader to save his championship and start to beat down the military vet. The ref calls for the bell and the vet wins by DQ. Once Jinder regains his wits about himself, they pick the veteran up and he locks in the cobra clutch. Just as he’s about to lift him for the slam, John Cena’s music hits! John comes out decked in full red, white, and blue gear. Jinder drops the vet and the brothers rush Cena as he comes down the aisle. Cena easily handles the brothers and heads for the ring. A few


Are Jinder Mahal and John Cena headed on a collision course for a WWF World title showdown?

quick hits and Cena throws Jinder out of the ring. John grabs the mic and says, “You wanted an American challenger? Well, now you got one!!” Jinder gets a mic and says, “No, no, no! I already had a challenger tonight and I walked out still the champion!” Jinder turns to leave but he’s cut off at the top of the ramp by Shane McMahon. Shane reminds Jinder that he’s the one that said, “Any American! Anytime! Therefore, at BattleGround its John Cena vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE World Heavyweight Title!” 

Jinder basically avoids Cena for the next couple of weeks other than them exchanging words on the mic. Jinder runs from any kind of physical altercation. At the go home show before BattleGround Cena catches Jinder, lays a beat down on all three and is seen in the ring waving a fan’s American flag as the show goes off the air. 
Once in the match, Cena handles Jinder fairly well, but then the Singh Brothers interfere once again and save Mahal. Then, Tuesday night on SmackDown, Cena goes to Shane and says he wants a match with Jinder to be no DQ and the Singh Brothers should be barred from ringside. Shane agrees and sets the match for SummerSlam. 
At SummerSlam, the match goes back and forth and then Cena gets the upper hand. Without help from the brothers and with Cena overcoming the champ’s attempts to use the no DQ stipulation to beat him, it looks like Cena is going to win. Then, from out of nowhere, this large man of Indian descent shows up. There are a couple of NXT trainees that can be used here, or maybe the WWE resigns The Great Khali. We will use Khali since he is the more well-known name. Khali steps over the ropes to a shocked Cena.  After the attack, which is legal because it’s no DQ and Khali wasn’t barred from ringside, he helps the Maharaja to his feet to once again get another underhanded victory. This should hopefully surprise the audience since most will expect Cena to win at a big event like SummerSlam. 
Once again, I stick to my formula of booking so that you have options going forward. You could have Cena continue to go after Jinder and win the title at the next PPV, clearing the Punjabi faction for a traditional Survivor Series match. Either way, you have a solid heel champ, made more legitimate by beating Cena. Remember that dirty wins are just fine for heels. You also had the fans cheering for Cena again because most actually hate Jinder more than Cena, especially after he attacks a military veteran. Even if you take the belt off of Jinder, you still have a solid heel faction that can continue to attack babyfaces. They should also help you draw money from your new India deals. You see, unlike the WWE, I like to advance the positions of several characters, or advance the overall position of the company, in every single storyline.
It’s always better to get more bang for your buck in this business, but hey, what do I know?


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