By Paul Stratoti, Contributing Writer

CAC Member Nanette McCormick discusses her meeting with Ric Flair

nan1Strat: Give me a short description of your meeting the “Nature Boy” this past weekend and your top two Ric Flair memories.

Nan: “The event went from about 5-8. I think it took about 45 minutes for everyone to get their photos taken, they had a VIP line for those who paid extra, and they got to go first (we opted for that. It was $100 per person). As part of the VIP package We also had dinner afterwards, which was mainly finger foods/fried stuff. We were seated at round tables in a room and Ric Flair came in with his entrance music, and took fan questions for about an hour. He was completely honest with his answers, didn’t try to gloss over anything or be politically correct. To meet him, he was very polite but for some reason I find him to be less approachable than other wrestlers. I can’t say exactly why that is, because I don’t think he is doing anything to make it that way on purpose. It could just be me because I feel tongue tied, even meeting him for the second time, not sure what I would say to him or ask him, when the conversation seems to come more easy with other wrestlers I meet.


“My top two Ric Flair memories from the past would be the promos he did when he did the Precious angle, and for wrestling, I would say his series of matches with Rick Steamboat.

If Legacy Talent and/or WWE still handles him that is the reason for the unapproachableness. If you asked either of those entities they I think would charge at least $10,000 – 15,000.

Nan: “I have no clue who handles him. I don’t think Ric was being unapproachable, he was definitely conversing with fans that spoke to him and he wasn’t rushing anyone. I just feel some kind of emotional barrier when it comes to talking to him, I am at a loss for words and it’s my own discomfort. Ric was very engaging in the Q&A.

Nan: “I would not be surprised if that was his fee. The organization that put on this show did a great job.”

Strat: Thank you, dear fellow CAC member!

Paul Stratoti is a contributing writer to TheGorillaPosition. He is a lifetime member of The Cauliflower Alley Club and a pro wrestling photojournalist.


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