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Sasha Jenkins is a native of New York who has been performing for House of Glory wrestling.

These days, it seems like House of Glory’s Sasha Jenkins is part wrestling machine/part love machine, as he quickly makes a name for himself on the indy circuit.

Trained by The Amazing Red, the 26-year-old Jenkins is in his fourth year in the business, after originally debuting with Fighting Spirit Wrestling. 

Now, he roams the ring for House of Glory, while still staying true to his clique, Certified Sexy. Jenkins says that he feels like he has finally found himself in the New York-based promotion.

“The first year in the business, you’re never really sure what you’re doing,” Jenkins says. “You’re kind of just finding your identity and finding a comfort level. Eventually, I transitioned into that stable with my boys. “

Jenkins, along with his teammates, bring a little style and a whole lot of swagger to go along with their skills. He says that he and his crew exemplify the playboy lifestyle. 

“We’re kind of party boys,” Jenkins said. “We were just brainstorming and coming up with ideas that no one here at ever heard of. We came up with that.”

Now hailing from The Palace of Pleasure, Jenkins has a newfound confidence in the ring.

“My character is very cocky,” he said.”He wakes up thinking he’s the biggest gift to the world. He has all the confidence in the world, and you can’t tell him anything different.”

Jenkins wasn’t so sure of himself when his attempts to woo Sonya Strong late last year turned into a romantically-tangled, raucous ring adventure. Jenkins’ ‘romeo act’ was quickly snuffed out when Strong turned down an in-ring wedding proposal.


Recently, Jenkins has been involved in a ‘bad romance’ with Sonya Strong 

“I did a run-in and saved her,” Jenkins said. “My whole objective was to try to protect her. That was how I tried to show my love and affection for her.”

“I had good intentions, but I kept costing her matches.”

The tension kept building, with Jenkins trying to win Sonya’s affections, eventually getting rejected with a ring in his hand.

The House of Glory crowd mercilessly chanted ‘she don’t love you‘ in his direction.

“That was the ultimate, traumatic experience for Sasha Jenkins,” he said. “To have the girl he worked so hard for, just for her to show him affection one time, for her to turn him down like that.”

“After that, I proceeded to attack her.”

Despite his heelish tactics as of late, Jenkins says he feels like he can work any style.

“I feel like I can work as a heel or a babyface. It all depends on where I’m at, and what they need me to do,” he said. “I was always a babyface starting out. Now, I’ve been working on my heel persona.”

“I think that’s important. And to be able to feel like I can do both, gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

So what’s next for this power-slamming playboy? First, he will be appearing again for House of Glory on August 18th. Going forward, Jenkins says he will be constantly evolving as he continues make his name on the independent scene

“I have some changes planned ahead,” Jenkins commented. “My trainers have always told me to stay creative and keep coming up with things to stand out.”

“So, hopefully, a lot of great things are coming.” 

watch Sasha Jenkins battle Big Daddy Cruz at House of Glory:


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