CAC 2016 Training Seminar 1: Health and Fitness For Workers Remembered

By Paul Stratoti, Staff Writer & Cauliflower Alley Club Lifetime Member

CAC 2016 Training Seminar 1: Health and Fitness For Workers Remembered

A leader in the Fitness Industry” & “A Professional Wrestler” himself, Ricky Najjar (aka Prince Raccid Mohammad Abdul Najjar, El Grand Maravilla Jr. 3, and STRYDER works in multiple industries. Health and Fitness is one of the top booming markets in the world today.


Starting from the grass roots of being a Personal Trainer/Group Instructor, our CAC Member/Trainer has evolved into a Sports Nutritionist and Motivational Life Coach. Working with over 200 clients from Total Body Transformations to Group Training for Women’s Of Wrestling. This AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer is guaranteed to share the tricks of the trade.

His passion for the industries had lead him to work with some of the top fitness promoters and Sponsors today, such as Lauren Power (LPClassicEvents), Mike Glass (OC FitExpo), and Joe Wheatley (Muscle Beach Venice). Egg Whites International (yes, Ricky also sells egg whites) and Paradise Spray Tanning. As well as being a stage competitor, Ricky has tied the Health and Fitness Industry and Pro Wrestling Industry together to provide the Cauliflower Alley Club with the following stellar seminar. Thank you, Ricky! You most certainly graced our organization with your presence this year and look forward to continue seeing you kick some in-ring ass!

Cheerleader Melissa: “Good Morning!”

La Rosa Negra leads the class with a return “Good Morning” ovation.

CM: Good morning, people. I am here to support the perfect, the absolutely intelligent Ricky here on fitness. I want to be able to put my input on being a professional female fighter on the road. I also lives a slightly different lifestyle but everything is by choice. Ricky is able to assist me on that and accommodate everybody’s needs.

There is nobody that is the same out there. It’s very. very challenging on the road to met your dietary needs while performing and living such an excruciating lifestyle. No two bodies are the same. Thank you, Ricky for being here. I appreciate it. We all do.”


[The class claps in unison]

CM: “We have tons of stuff, tons of info here for anyone who wants it.”

Ricky asks the class for a show of hands as to who the promoters in the class are, then asks who the workers are and finally asks who the photographers are. Yours truly raised my hand at the final question despite not currently being a paid photographer.


RN: “Who is trying to lose weight? [Show of respective hands]

“Who is trying to gain weight with muscle? [Show of hands]

“Who is just wants stay healthy and fit over all?” [Show of hands]

“Now we are going to talk about meal preparation for show dates. Promoters, be honest, How many times did you buy pizza for your wrestlers before a show? [Show of hands]

“If you are a worker how many times did you eat pizza before a match? I’ve done it. I’m guilty of it. My trainer was Jesse Hernandez and he buys us pizza every time that we have a show date.


“We don’t have to live that lifestyle all the time. You can live a healthier more fit lifestyle. This is my 6 pack bag here. Legitimately, this is what I’m going to be eating during my time here. You can see that I have all my meals prepared. You can take this around with you and have your meal for a show date… Buy in bulk for your training days.”

[La Rosa asks for more detail about meal prep as opposed to exercise]

“We all know that wrestling doesn’t always pay the bills so it is very essential that you have all your meals planned and prepared. With that being said look for pricing at such places as Costco, Food For Less, etc. Nutrition is 70% of how to achieve your goal; 30% active exercise.


Everybody here has $100 to buy their food for 3 weeks. I’m here to teach you how to do that… A pound of chicken breast usually is $1. If you buy in bulk you pay $7 for 10 pieces of chicken that you can put into a pot of boiling water. For produce I suggest going into Hispanic markets. They have the best quality of produce at the most affordable price. You can always buy in bulk for 3 weeks. I guarantee you if you spend $20 on just produce alone it will last you 3 – 4 weeks.


“Refer to my fully prepared menu.”


[Ricky goes on to explain how to make 6 meals with 6 chicken breasts by boiling them on high for 30 minutes and in a 2nd pot for boiling vegetables and he suggests to include 6 – 8 oz sweet potato for complex and slowly digestive carbs]

“After 30 – 35 minutes add a teaspoon of olive oil with low carb or no carb seasoning (samples provided). Put it all in a bowl an stir it. Package it all.

“Asparagus gives you more energy and is easily digested. Active wrestlers, videographers and photographers are there all day. Saving money, losing weight, and achieving your goals helps you live your dream. You need your ideal diet to include 60% complex carbs and 10% fat…”

Cheerleader Melissa: “You don’t want your negative mental health to be a cancer in the locker room. That brings down everybody’s motivation for the show. Your smile puts everybody in a good mood and that just doesn’t begin in the ring.

“The second I step on an airplane I am in business mode. How I show up, shaking people’s hand during and after the show. Treat professional wrestling as a business. We are here to support you on that.”

Wrestling Legend Dick “the Destroyer” Beyer looks on in the back of the class.


RN: “What we need to focus on not is stretching and strength benefits. It’s important to stretch properly. For men it’s important to stretch from your groin area.

“90% of men are prone to get hernias so ligaments really need to be stretched whether it is before gym or before active wrestling. One of our wrestlers who wasn’t prepared as such went out there and pulled a groin this weekend… Once we reach bout the age of 35 your testosterone drops significantly. Products are out there to increase it. Know that if you do take a testosterone booster realize that these products are from asparagus and broccoli. That’s why it is so important that you can eat a ton of this and your testosterone will increase naturally.

“It is important to get a massage or chiropractic masseuse. We are professional athletes and should be treated as such. You are going to do everything that it takes to better yourself. Right, team?”

[Class says YES in unison]

“Get your physicals and periodic doctor visits. If you take yourself seriously as an athlete you are on top of your game at all times.”

Cheerleader Melissa speaks of her 10 year bout with joint disease:

CM: “being a pro wrestler doesn’t help that at all. One thing that I have learned through this over and over the hard way is either the day before or of the show do NOT get massages. I don’t encourage it. What’s happened to me is while the massage is good to relax the muscle, if you have an area that is prone to injury and you get into the ring the muscle with spasm up. Your body is doing its job by trying to protect it and when you step out of the ring you can’t turn your neck for 2 – 6 weeks. It’s the worst feeling in the world… I can’t tell you how many times I have woken up and wondered how I am going to get out of bed. All I can do is take a hot shower and drink mass amounts of water. It takes 2 – 6 weeks to recover. After activity, it is OK to massage but not in an injury-prone area that your body is trying to protect you on.”

[Class claps]


CM: “La Rosa Negra is so into fitness let’s welcome her.”


LRN: “Thank you so much! … Stretching and contracting your muscles helps remove fat from your body… Be focused on how your blood pressure is. You need to remove a procrastinating mentality. Be focused on what you want to do and what you want to be.”


RN: “The false marketing perception these days is the pleasure/pain principle. The most obvious expression that is used in fitness is NO PAIN. It’s a false perception. It’s about achievement of your goals and the journey you take to get there.”

CM: “La Rosa and I spent a lot of time in Japan and we agree that you must listen to your body. Know for sure what is going on with your body. If you face injury you might not be able to work next week. Have that business mentality… Also, do not live to eat, eat to live. It’s your body. Treat it like so.”

RN: “WE are more prone to Osteoporosis as we get older. Bone density is being diminished. You really want to do everything you can to avoid that. There are supplements to help with that like glucosamine. I actually don’t recommend taking it unless you are older. If you take a glucosamine product it actually diminishes the body’s natural glucosamine. So if you’re younger I suggest not taking it. If you are older, do so. Over 65 the human body is prone to more vitamin deficiencies so a daily multi vitamin is recommended.

“As evolution shows we are not meant to stand upright so as humans we are prone to lower back pain. We use our bodies for our art form. I recommend a 12 week fitness training program because 12 weeks is the body’s evolutionary concept.”


Kat Von Heez: “It’s so important to get vitamins and minerals into your body. You wouldn’t buy your glasses from a dentist so you wouldn’t want to buy multi vitamins from a grocery store. Go to a supplement specialist so your body performs like a well oiled machine… I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your nutrients in. You as athletes will want to take a multi vitamin in the morning and then another in the afternoon so not only will you be sweating out water you will also be sweating out vitamins and minerals so your body will be replenishing especially if you are having a long day at work. When you go to the gym you then are in peak physical condition.

“Head injuries are really common in this industry. Fish oils are popular for brain function as well as body function. From experience, fish oils are phenomenal for brain and cognitive functions. I’ve had a number of injuries where the recovery times were just so slow. You really get discouraged. I can do a job for 9 years and it can get depressing. You ask, ‘how can I fix this’? With fish oils you start thinking clearer and communicate clearly sand efficiently. Even later in life with fish oils you don’t get a mental disorder.”

RN: “Omega Fatty Acids and Fish Oils have the essential compounds that help break down acidity that hold down fatty cells in your body.Take your time and do your research and what you’re putting into your body.

“BCAA’s are the building blocks of your body’s DNA and muscle fibers. The best time to take them is during workout. (Here, La Rosa is distributing samples to class members.)

“Glutamine helps protect the protective jelly layer above your muscle fibers and is ideal for soreness after workout for older people.



Matt Roblez here is an Ectomorph: He burns calories really slow. He is really tall, has longer legs and arms, and has thinner nails and hair. An ectomorph needs to work out very slow as your body metabolizes everything real fast.


A Mesomorph has a really wide frame who can train to be really skinny or train to be really massive.


An Endomorph like Joe here is like a powerhouse because he cannot burn calories. He is shorter in stature, and has thicker nails, skin and hair. It is very hard for him to burn calories and must train in High Intensity Interval training if he wants to burn those calories.

Near the end of this seminar, Ricky asks several students/workers to step up to the podium to show the different female body types.


They laugh as Ricky explains that Chelsea is a “Stick Figure” who is slim and trim.

Ricky describes Cheerleader Melissa as having broader shoulders whose hips help with a pregnancy while Serena Renay smiles as being described as an hourglass figure.

Photos by Paul Stratoti


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