THE TIMEKEEPER’S BELL – 08.29.2017: Examining the WWE Machine

By David Dickson, Columnist

I wanna get something off my chest.

It seems there are a lot of young Wrestling fans, these days, that have the wrong impression about who to blame for the current decline in the WWE product. Well, I’ve been a Wrestling fan for almost 31 years. I’ve been a Wrestler and a Booker. I’m a WWE Shareholder, too. So, allow me to enlighten you.

I see a lot of young fans solely blaming Vince McMahon for the current decline in WWE. Well, Vince McMahon is the WWE Principal Owner, Chairman, and CEO. He has thee final say over everything in WWE. He’s heavily involved in Creative. He has been since 1982. And likely will be, until the day he dies. the-fans-savage-romanBut, no Chairman of any Corporation can simply do whatever they like. They have a Board Of Directors, Shareholders, Sponsors, TV Executives, and ultimately, customers, to answer to. Also, no Chairman of any Corporation directly and single-handedly runs every Department within that Corporation. Each Corporation is made up of Departments, which have people working on them, and each Department is directly run by Executive Vice-Presidents. Those Executive Vice-Presidents then have to answer to the President, COO, CEO, and ultimately, the Chairman.

Now, Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, is a WWE Executive Shareholder. That means he owns enough Shares in WWE to be on the WWE Board Of Directors and to have a say. Furthermore, Triple H is the WWE Executive Vice-President of Talent, Creative, and Live Events- three pretty important areas of running WWE. And let’s face it, he wouldn’t be, had he not married the Boss’ Daughter.

So, that means that Triple H directly runs the Department that negotiate with talent, that hire, fire, fine, and suspend talent, who gets called up from WWE NXT, and so on. It means that he directly runs the Department that Write the main shows and events, book matches, layout matches, layout promos, character development, decide who wins, who losses, who gets a push, who get title runs, and so on. That Department also has lots of former Hollywood Writers, who know nothing about Wrestling, on it. It means he directly runs the Department that operate Live Events. As well as that, he also oversees the running of WWE NXT, as a brand. vince-mcmahon-988399

However, just like Vince doesn’t directly and single-handedly run every Department within the main WWE, Triple H doesn’t directly and single-handedly run every Department within WWE NXT. Joe Belcastro is the WWE NXT Lead Writer. Before him, it was Ryan Ward, who’s now a top Writer for WWE Smackdown. Joe does for WWE NXT shows and events, what Triple H does for main shows and events. (See above).

Canyon Caymen is the WWE Senior Director of Talent Development. He oversees and works with the signees in the WWE Performance Center and the talent in WWE NXT. Just like Triple H does with the main roster. See above. By the way, the current Stars in WWE NXT, and those that have been called up in recent months, were already established stars in other promotions and have been great wrestlers for many years. WWE did not discover them, train them, nor make them. They simply signed them. In recent years, although still very hands on, Vince McMahon has taken a slight step back, to allow Stephanie and Triple H more control, to prepare them to take over, after his death.

In that time, WWE has not been as great as it once was. Not as far as ratings go, at least. And since Triple H took over from Stephanie as WWE Executive Vice-President of Talent, Creative, and Live Events, a few years ago, WWE has declined further. Ratings and attendances have been the lowest they’ve been¬†in 20 years, not including Wrestlemanias. They’ve lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Every aspect of business is down. Their main source of revenue comes from their TV deals. If ratings get much worse, they’ll lose those, too. So, it is unfair to put sole blame on Vince McMahon. It is a shared responsibility.

There’s also Kevin Dunn. He’s a WWE Executive Shareholder, and WWE Executive Vice-President of Television Production. There’s Stephanie McMahon-Levesque. She’s a WWE Executive Shareholder, and WWE Chief Brand Officer.

If Vince McMahon wasn’t any good, then WWE would never have been any good. Sure, Vince might be a tyrant, an egomaniac, and he might be a bit out of touch, these days, but he still put Wrestling on the global mainstage, still put WWE on the map, still made legends, still crushed his competition, and still gave us the best Wrestling of 2 generations. That is the Vince McMahon that we need back. He needs to take his Company back and he needs to find his grapefruits.

If any other Executive Vice-President of any other Department in any other Corporation delivered those kind of results, they’d’ve been fired, by now.¬†

Look at it like this. If customers complain about poor food and poor service in a restaurant, then who is to blame? The Owner? Or, the Head Chef? The Restaurant Manager? Also, do you think that Restaurant Owner would greet every customer, seat them, take their orders, go behind the bar, fix their drinks, take them to the customers, then go to the kitchen, cook their food, take the food to the customers, then collect their cutlery and crockery, go to the kitchen, wash it all up, and then take payment from the customers, and do that all by themselves, for every customer? Or, do you think that’s there’d be a Bar Manager, Restaurant Manager, Head Chef, and so on?

Those are the facts, not opinions. Based on extensive research and studying this business as if it were my Uni degree. As well as documented knowledge from those in the know.

Until next time, I’ve been Davey Dickson, and that’s been my bottom line.


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