Josh Mathews Discusses the Global Wrestling Network Launch

On today’s Impact media call, broadcaster Josh Mathews presented some details on the launch of the Global Wrestling Network (GWN) on IOS, Android and, announced yesterday by Anthem Sports.

Mathews said that most of 2017’s content from Impact, including weekly television and pay-per-views, is available on the network immediately. Classic content in the form of “Pro Wrestling Superstars” episodes and independent promotions such as Border City Wrestling and Smash Wrestling are also available to view now.

“We’re working with our partners – AAA, NOAH, Crash, everyone we’ve talked to as it relates to adding their libraries to the platform,“ Mathews said. “Every month or every few months I think you’re going to see an influx of new programming – independent wrestling, classic wrestling, things that aren’t owned by the WWE Network. This truly is the alternate wrestling network.”


While most of this year’s Impact shows as well as 2016 are on the Global Wrestling Network now, Mathews indicated that airing each week’s Impact show live may be delayed. “There will be a delay in most territories and most countries,” he said. “There will be a roughly 10-day delay for everyone worldwide. You can pretty much count on that as a benchmark as far as when everyone will be able to see it.”

Matthews also addressed original programming on the network, saying there may be a slower rollout of original content. “When you say ‘original programming,’ I was there for the launch of the WWE Network,” Mathews said. “There was going to be a ton of original programming – daily shows, post-shows – and that got scaled back pretty quickly. I think [we] can learn from that in terms of original programming. I have been pushing for original programming on GWN and I think you’ll get some but I think it’s a matter of a strategic approach to what those are going to be.”

Mathews also talked about the benefit of having past Impact shows on the Global Wrestling Network and when we may see shows from Spike TV, Destination America and Ring Ka King. “It’s a matter of time before those things get uploaded,” Mathews said. “It’s just a matter of feeding the beast and loading all of these things. When we left Spike, a lot of people didn’t get to see what Impact was doing during those years. It’s a good time to sign up and see what you may have missed.”

Mathews said the network has been a year to 18 months in progress. The launch date happened now because, as Matthews said, “Because it was ready.”

As far as having pay-per-view shows on GWN, Mathews indicated that may be a slower process due to working with television providers and partners. “WWe has gone back and now offered some pay-per-views through their cable or satellite providers. I don’t know if we’ll ever go exclusive. I think I can confidently say that Bound for Glory will be available on the network, but I still think you have to work with your television partners and not upset them by pulling everything. They’ve been good partners to us over the years – ‘One Night Only’ airs once a month on pay-per-view, so I don’t know if you would want to take the pay-per-views away from them.”

“Now’s the time to go get it,” Mathews said. “There’s a 30-day free trial available. Someone said congratulations to me. It’s not a congratulations to me – it’s a congratulations to our fans.”

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