THE LADY BEHIND THE CURTAIN – 10.18.2017: Gagged! Companies tighten the reins

By Kristal Marie, Columnist

I have always been lucky to have a source inside WWE, for years many have done it and all have helped with the necessary research I needed to do. I’m not a dirt sheet writer, and I don’t post rumors or gossip like ‘The true size of Shane Helm’s penis’ for example. I’m someone that uses what people are going through in a way that brings attention to it to wrestling fans and others out there in the world. Not to sell secrets about who is going to be on the next PPV.

backstage_20140406hm_0091.0.0However, recently my source had to give me the company line that he hadn’t ever had to give me before. He was scared about me looking into the sexist, misogynistic natures that go on not just in Indies shows, but also in the major companies. Casting couches are more than famous in the wrestling business and there’s several wrestlers that had their relationships judged by their colleagues over how a person looks.

I have noticed that its not just the major companies but Indie promoters other than House of Hardcore that are tightening the reins on their performers. They tell them what to say, dress, how to wrestle and more. I thought America especially was about free speech and it saddens to me to learn that this might not be the case.

wwe-pro-wrestler-john-cena-givinIs it to much to ask them to not share their thoughts with writers, to keep them under Confidentiality agreements and tied up in waivers so that they can keep their secrets longer? Don’t these companies know that all secrets come out in wrestling? That there is very few left and the ones we know were decided upon by the performers themselves?

I truly wonder if these companies have any idea what they are taking on when it comes to gag orders. I will be back next week with my thoughts on whether wrestling is waiting to be a bigger time bomb than the Harvey Weinstein situation or if there is people always willing to stop it from happening?



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