By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief

Allie is more than just a pretty face. Or, even a new one, for that matter.

As she heads toward Bound for Glory in her native Canada, the Impact Wrestling Knockout will look to add a little gold around her waist, as she faces off with the legendary Gail Kim and champion Sienna in a three-way dance on November 5th. A win would give Allie her second Knockouts title since joining the company full-time almost two years ago. But, the lady behind the character, Laura Dennis, had quite an impressive resume long before that. 


Laura Dennis had already logged over 10 years of pro wrestling experience when she signed with Impact Wrestling in 2016

With her innocent charm and youthful features, Dennis may appear to some as just another beautiful blonde. However, if you look closer, beneath the delicate exterior lies a grizzled veteran. With 13 years in the business, Dennis has spent almost half her life in the professional wrestling industry.

“I actually signed up for wrestling school the day after my 18th birthday,” she told TheGorillaPosition.com as she was preparing for next month’s event. “I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Looking back it’s crazy to think it’s been that long. It seems like yesterday, I had just gotten my boots for the first time.”

During those formative years, the independent scene was blossoming, and women’s professional wrestling was growing right along with Dennis’ career. She says at that time, she was just focusing on working hard to develop and keeping up with the growing trend.

“Getting signed to a major company wasn’t really on my radar for about the first five years,” she recalled. “I was just so obsessed with being taken seriously as a wrestler.”


As Cherry Bomb, Allie had no shortage of championships on the independent circuit

With Hollywood good looks and a fantastic ring presence, Dennis began to establish herself on the indy scene under the name, Cherry Bomb. She was one of the stalwarts of the revolutionary SHIMMER and SHINE promotions, both of which helped to re-write the rules on women’s wrestling.

As time passed, she would become one of the biggest female wrestling prospects in North America and go on to collect a handful of ladies’ championships from around the world – including the tag titles in both SHIMMER and SHINE.

Still just 30 years old, she has a level of experience that belies her age. Like many other performers who started young, she’s logged a lot of miles in the world of professional wrestling.

But, Dennis insists that she hasn’t peaked yet. 

“I’ve always believed that women are talented and athletic enough to main event and do what the guys do,” she said. “When I started wrestling back in ’04, I remember thinking to myself that what I wanted, was just to have really good matches.”

“Now, I feel like I’ve learned so much and come far enough that I can do a lot more in the ring.”

After debuting with Impact (then known as TNA) in early 2016, she was re-packaged as Allie, and immediately jumped into the fray there. She captured the Knockouts Championship, but dropped it just a week later. Currently, the Canadian cutie can not only be seen Thursday nights on Impact Wrestling, but also hanging around with her real-life husband, wrestler Braxton Sutter.

The couple have been a potent pairing since they wed in 2013 and eventually joined the Impact roster together for good in 2016. One of the fringe benefits of them working together, Allie says, is that they are both veterans of the industry. That shared experience helps them understand the demands that each is under on a daily basis.

“We’ve been really lucky to have the chemistry that we do together,” she said. “That has obviously made it a lot easier for us to work and to travel together.”

She says that she and Sutter try to share the burden of life on the road. Despite their crazy schedules, their ability to work around each other has only made their relationship stronger.


Allie & husband, Braxton Sutter

“We’re such a solid team together, that it just seems to work out for us. We balance it each other out so well. If we’re doing overnight drives, he’ll take the first half and let me sleep, and then we’ll switch and he’ll sleep. So, we do have a good balance, but it’s still challenging.”

That teamwork has served them well, as they continue their journey in Impact.

“Having a strong relationship really makes a difference” she said. “Signing our contracts together was one of the happiest moments of my life. To be able to share that with my husband, and know that we were going to be doing this as a team.”

Now, as Allie heads to Bound for Glory, she’ll be chasing that elusive second title reign.

“I’m really excited. I’ve been busting my butt in the gym and getting prepared,” she said. “Every single woman on the roster, every Knockout that’s been placed in a match, wants to make our division proud. Each and every one of us are going to go out there and bust our ass and try to give you the match of the night.”

And while Allie won’t come right out and say that she’s going home on November 5th with the Knockouts title, there is one prediction she feels pretty safe going with:

“No matter who wins the match, it’s going to be a hard-hitting match,” Allie said. “Whether I walk away the champion or not, I just know that we are going to give the fans their money’s worth and let them see just exactly what we can do.”

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