THE LADY BEHIND THE CURTAIN – 10.24.2017: Are We Asking Too Much?

By Kristal Marie, Columnist

“Are We Asking Too Much?”

I often wonder that question whenever I watch a major PPV nowadays and see a serious injury happening to wrestlers. A string of deaths and injuries does have this question coming up more often. This isn’t because the wrestlers are to blame, but I wonder if we are.

kudo-wiresOur blood lust grew from the seeds of ECW when it first appeared on the scene. It was the start of a road that we couldn’t travel on forever. WWE knew, and saw that before any of the fans did. I have to say that I also noticed that the wrestlers themselves weren’t going to be able to keep going like they did before. Especially not with the damage and problems they were discovering along the way.

There will never be another Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk or Sandman again. Hell, we were lucky that Mick Foley could give us what he gave us. I think that is something we should be thinking about.

shane-mcmahon-jordan-jump_orvyemShane McMahon is someone that isn’t in his twenties anymore, not wild, and not anything other than a working father of two. Yet, he is almost expected to do something crazy every year. None of us will forget him jumping off Hell in the Cell or the Titan Tron. He has managed to carve out a legacy for himself, but do we expect too much for him and others in the company.

In the last few months I have started to see the embers of what was once the Attitude Era, a place that we can truly never return to, but long for, through the recent PPVs and TV shows. I know that it will never be like what I grew up watching, and was so grateful to have gotten to see. I didn’t feel myself desiring it again, instead I found myself almost wincing at the idea of returning there.

sandman_display_imageBecause of the children that come behind us, we can’t. Its not about the adults anymore and the adults will not keep them in business forever. So, do we really need people jumping off Hell in A Cell? Do we need canings to be on our sets?

Are we asking too much?

I hope to hear your thoughts below on this issue and see if you agree. Maybe your a wrestler yourself and find that your opinion has changed. Leave a comment below.

From the Lady Behind The Curtain – Marie.  



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