THE LADY BEHIND THE CURTAIN – 11.01.2017: Wrestling practically invented the ‘Casting Couch’

By Krystal Marie, Columnist

For a long time I was almost one hundred percent against doing this sort of story, however things have changed and I want to add to voices that are speaking out against the sexual harassment that is going on in all industries worldwide. That means I’m not just pointing at the wrestling companies and screaming… ‘ah! Evil lives there!’

th (2)After Weinstein, females all over the world are talking about what they are facing and dealing with in their own industries. Its not just the acting world that has been rocked with sex scandals. For example, nearly everyone had a hairy fit when Vince Russo played on hot females to make money. Never mind all the rumors about Eric Bischoff as well.

I went to try out for a wrestling school that wasn’t really a school and I found myself in a bad position with a owner of said ‘pop up training’. He sexual hassled me and if it wasn’t for my dance partner then I would have never gotten away from him. I was wary after that and I was naïive to think that it was just dodgy promoters to watch out for. I came across a wrestler in Scotland who was more than willing to play the ‘I am the champ‘ card.

No matter what you said to him.

Now, American wrestlers had nothing but respect for me, but that isn’t always the case out there and I have seen fellow friends get themselves in trouble with wrestlers. I made a point of being careful around them. It was from there that I learned the story of how wrestling invented the ‘casting couch’.

WWE isn’t the only place that has walked the fine line of what might be deemed as sexual harassment over the years. TNA has found itself struggling with some of its stars getting caught up in Domestic Abuse cases. Some independent shows have forced female performers to feel like they have to make the management happy in order to get booked. There is a lot of mainstream wrestlers out there who will happily talk about how they were left feeling uncomfortable in their early years.

What’s your point?

HZqxsrPIts not just actresses and performers out there that need to find their voice, and stand up for themselves. There are a lot of female wrestlers that need to speak out- before they get themselves in a situation that blows up on TMZ. After all, no one should have to go through something like that.

Women and Men should be respected equally. There shouldn’t be a double standard. No matter what industry they are in. So know there is others who are lifting up their voices to join with women and men saying ‘enough is enough’.

Make sure you look up sexual harassment websites, phone numbers if you find yourself being sexually hassled no matter where you are. Know that your not alone and there is no reason for you to feel shame.

Your friendly columnist, Krystal Marie  



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