IMPACT WRESTLING: BOUND FOR GLORY 2017 – Results, News & Notes


Results and Coverage of the 13th annual Impact Wrestling event are posted below

Notes: Impact announced earlier this week that the event had been sold out… former champion Alberto el Patron returns after being stripped of the title over the summer following a legitimate suspension… The upcoming TV tapings for the company will be held in Ottawa over the next few days, following tonight’s event.

X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Champion Trevor Lee vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Garza Jr.

THE SET-UP: The standard X-division madness will rule the sky, as many experts are predicting this match could steal the show. Sydal, Dutt and Petey Williams are longtime names in the world of aerial artists, while Dezmond Xavier and third-generation star Garza Jr. represent the next wave of flyers. 

Trevor-Lee-Impact-31617-645x370THE CLOSE: The crowd was clearly on the side of Petey Williams, chanting we want Petey on several occasions. It appeared they were going to get what they wanted, when Williams hit a Canadian Destroyer. However, Trevor Lee took advantage, pulling Petey from the ring and making the cover on Sydal to retain the title

WINNER:  Trevor Lee (pinfall)

Tajiri Ishimori vs. Tyson Dux

THE SET-UP: Essentially a bonus match for the event, as some some shifting of this card had to take place after very recent roster changes. Laurel Van Ness came out and continued to act crazy, with the wedding dress and smeared lipstick.

THE CLOSE: About five minutes in, Ishimori hits a beautiful 450 splash for a clean three-count. A quick pace, and a quick match to help move the card along, with Ishimori getting a good reaction.

WINNER: Tajiri Ishimori (pinfall)

Alberto el Patron returns to a warm ovation from the crowd, and appears to be happy to be back in the six-sided ring. He talks about his arrival to Impact and how hard he worked to become champion. Then, he talks about how the ‘cowards in the back’ turned on him, and… they SCREWED HIM. THEY BETRAYED HIM. And it’s because those backstabbers have no cajones.

He says he didn’t do anything, but the they took his title anyway. The crowd, who originally cheered his return, starts to boo, as el Patron continues to ramble about how angry he is.

After venting his frustrations, he says that no one is going to believe what he’s going to do tonight. Then, he turns menacingly towards Jeremy Borash, and looks like he’s going to take JB out. He asks why no one contacted him while he was gone and why his ‘friend’, Borash, forgot about him.

Eventually, he sneers and decides to walk away, leaving both Borash and fellow announcer Josh Mathews highly confused.

Monster’s Ball Match: Grado vs. Abyss

THE SET-UP: Grado’s issue began with Abyss’ “brother”, Joseph Park. The shady attorney originally promised to help the Scottish star to help him secure a green card. Eventually, Park revealed his true colors, and set up this contest, where Grado must leave the country if he loses.

thTHE CLOSE: Everything but the kitchen sink comes out during this match. As in usual Monster’s ball matches, the thumbtacks made an appearance, as well as Abyss’ trademark 2×4 with nails. Suddenly Laurel Van Ness appears again, and interjects herself, going crazy on Grado before the lights go out. BIG cheer for Rosemary when the lights come back on, as she chases away Laurel with the mist. After calming a hyperactive Abyss down, Rosemary then attempts to mist Grado, but misses and hits the big man instead. The blinded behemoth mistakenly grabs Rosemary and chokeslams her on the tacks. ?THE RING BELL SOUNDS? on a rollup by Grado, and its a false finish… mistake on the timekeeper’s fault. Abyss hits the black hole slam on to a barbed wire table to send Grado packing.

WINNER: Abyss (pinfall)

Team Impact (EC3, James Storm & Eddie Edwards) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano and Texano)

THE SET-UP: Pretty simple— It’s a turf war, a battle of pride between two organizations. Impact is represented by the only gaijin to hold the GHC Heavyweight title for Pro Wrestling NOAH. His partners spent the summer in a violent feud, but Storm and EC3 have out those differences aside (apparently) for this match.

THE CLOSE: The questions were still swirling around EC3 and James Storm almost halfway into the match, as Carter wasn’t cooperating with either The Cowboy or Edwards. As EC3 finally entered the match he also appeared to hog the spotlight, cleaning house before stopping and turning to Storm. With Edwards powdered to the outside, EC3 walked to Storm, yelled for him to “BLAST HIS F’N HEAD OFF” and emphatically tagged in Storm. The Cowboy delivered the superkick to knock out Pagano and get the pin for Team Impact. Afterward, the former rivals shared a couple beers in celebration, as it appears their mutual respect will continue… for now.

WINNERS: Team Impact (pinfall)

Street Fight: Champions OVE vs. LAX

THE SET-UP: It’s a tag team title re-match, as the Crist brothers recently took the titles from Latin American Exchange. The LAX leader, Konnan, has turned it onto a battle of not just gold, but pride and heritage, as well.

THE CLOSE: It was billed as a street fight, and it lived up to the hype. Wild brawling, lots of furniture and plenty of nice exchanges. These two teams used ladders and chairs before fighting to the back of the arena— prompting a we can’t see shit chant from the crowd. One HUGE fall later, and the audience was back into it. As the match reaches a climax, the room is hot with a lot of this is awesome chants. Then, THE FAMILY arrives. Sami Callihan, OVE’s longtime riding partner on the indy scene, shows up as the surprise of the night. Big cheers for his appearance, as he costs LAX the match. Post-match OVE lays a quick beatdown on Konnan’s boys and then announces to the crowd that they had truly arrived.

WINNERS: Ohio Versus Everything (pinfall)

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Sienna vs. Allie vs. Gail Kim

THE SET-UP: The legendary Hall of Famer Gail Kim goes into this match looking to secure her legacy as the greatest Knockout of all time. Meanwhile, Sienna has had a tight grip on the title, while Allie looks to prove to the world that she’s more than just a pretty face. 

Gail KimTHE CLOSE: The underlying theme of the match was whether or not Kim could cement her legacy in what has been billed as her final match. As usual, the Knockouts division can be counted on for a solid match, which included an impressive, second-rope fall-away slam that Sienna delivered on Allie. As the match broke down in the corner, Sienna dumped Allie over the top, face first on the steel steps. Sienna eats defeat, as Kim takes advantage of the opening to capture the title in an emotional moment.

WINNER: Gail Kim (pinfall)

At this time, Mathews and Borash announce that Gail Kim will make an appearance on Impact Wrestling this week to discuss not only her future, but the future of the Knockouts title. Just then, someone is making an un-announced appearance. The  broadcast team is confused, when suddenly… JIMMY JACOBS walks out. When he’s informed that he doesn’t work for Impact, he just laughs and seems to imply that he knows more than he’s revealing right now… 

Six-Sides-of-Steel Match: Bobby Lashley & King Mo vs. Moose & Stephan Bonner

THE SET-UP: The continuing war between American Top Team and Impact Wrestling reaches a boiling point. After locker room attacks and back lot brawls, the two sides will throw all the hardware in the ring to settle the score.

THE CLOSE: A whole lot of mixed martial arts in this match, which the crowd didn’t initially respond to. The action continued to fade back and forth between MMA and mat wrestling, which slowed the pace at times. The house started to rumble when American Top Team infiltrated, locked Moose out of the cage, and began to savage Bonnar. If there was a “breakout moment” for a wrestler on a big event, it was Moose’s comeback for his team, which included the 6’6″ monster leaping from the top of the cage onto ATT. He would continue to show off his power and agility with a burst that had the audience red hot. It would be all for naught, however, as the numbers game was too much. Lashley would eventually get the win over Bonnar.

WINNERS: Lashley & King Mo (pinfall)

IMPACT World Title Match Johnny Impact vs. Eli Drake (Champion)

THE SET-UP: Eli Drake captured the Impact title in a gauntlet match after Alberto el patron was suspended over the summer. Since then, he’s backed off all challengers, often with the assistance of his friend and partner, Chris Adonis. For Johnny, Bound for Glory could be a christening, as the well-traveled, multi-time champion seems destined to leave Ottawa with the gold.

THE CLOSE: A good give and take to the early stages as of the match as it’s a classic heel champ vs. babyface challenger set up. What is NOT typical however is how often we see the champion, Drake, take to the air. In some ways, he’s matching Johnny move for move, even off the mat. Impact hits two of his big spots for near falls, fights off interference from Chris Adonis, and finally positions Drake for what appears to be his coronation as the new champion. He hits Starship Pain (the split-legged moonsault) and the crowd starts to count…

Alberto is at ringside, and he quickly jerks the ref out of the ring, as his hand is coming down for the three count. The crowd gets HOT! The loudest they have been all night, and its unclear if its the ‘good’ kind of heat.. or the mis-calculated kind. Alberto had promised earlier in the night to do something controversial, and this is the payoff on that threat. But after the people have waited patiently waited on an outcome, it’s pretty clear that el Patron is the biggest heel in the house now.

Alberto climbs back in the ring, picks up the belt and then nails Drake with it. Alberto had been complaining to the media all week that he had never been defeated for the title, and now, his intentions are clear. After waffling both Drake and Impact, he stands there and surveys the situation.

Having no loyalty to either man, el Patron drags Drake over to an unconscious Johnny Impact, as a groggy referee is revived just long enough to make the three count. The champion retains, if only by default.

WINNER: Eli Drake (pinfall… sorta)


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