ESPN: Variety and independence a necessity for Colt Cabana


 By Michael Wonsover – November 10th, 2017

HighRes-Elbow-1500x2251Colt Cabana, a native of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, was driving around the community that he has become so closely identified with. As he moved past Elston and Western Avenues in downtown Chicago, he looked up and had almost forgot that he’d see his own face smiling back at him.

“I mean it’s a little surreal. I’ve been on the billboards for about five years,” Cabana told about his Pro Wrestling Tee advertisements throughout the Chicago area. “It’s kind of funny. So many weird things I’ve done in wrestling and in the community of Chicago, I think it’s just another fun addition to me in that world. I think it’s kind of cool. It’s always fun when [people] are like, ‘I was just in Chicago, I saw you.’ ‘You did?’ ‘Yeah, on the highway…

ESPN:  Colt Cabana is the renaissance man of independent wrestling


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