NWA: Ten Pounds of Gold – Episode Six

NWA Wrestling 

NWA Wrestling – November 21st, 2017

The story of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title has come down to two men on this day in Hollywood. Nick Aldis as the challenger and Tim Storm as the Champion walk in surrounded by history. The first NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match being promoted by the new owner of the National Wrestling Alliance – William Patrick Corgan (AKA – Billy Corgan). 

The Ten Pounds of Gold series was created to tell the story of those closest to the most prestigious title in wrestling. These first six episodes have told Nick Aldis and Tim Storm’s story up until this day. This is the story up until the bell rings. What was their day like behind-the-scenes at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. 

Watch the Nick Aldis vs. Tim Storm match: https://youtu.be/FXjoeQBjoYY


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