FIGHTFUL.COM: Cuban, Ross, & Barnett Talk About The New Japan/AXS TV Relationship



New Japan’s future on AXS TV continues to look strong with a proponent at the very top.

Sports Illustrated spoke to Mark Cuban, chairman of AXS. He gave nothing but praise for the promotion, citing its growing audience on Friday nights.

“At AXS TV, we understand how incredible NJPW is,” said Cuban. “And the response has been amazing. Our audiences keep growing week to week.”

“It takes time to grow a promotion in the states,” he further added. “But when you have such an incredible spectacle of amazing athletes, it’s worth investing the time and money to give the best wrestling fans in the world, NJPW fans, a night to call their own. That’s what Friday nights on AXS are all about.”continue reading – FIGHTFUL.COM


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