NWA: Is Tim Storm going to retire?

NWA Wrestling – February 2, 2018

Is Tim Storm’s career over and is he going to retire?

Tim_storm_012 (1)In less than thirty days, Tim Storm went from being the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion to being completely out of the Ten Pounds of Gold picture after his loss to Jocephus is the Empty Arena Match at Impact Wrestling.

Questions have begun that Tim is thinking about retirement from the NWA and professional wrestling. David Marquez of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood invited Tim Storm to appear at the OceanView Pavilion to speak on his future. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. At this very location, Tim Storm brought the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship back to broadcast TV, faced and defeated the current NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis but also it’s where his ribs were broken by Jocephus.



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