BLEACHER REPORT: WrestleMania 34 is Better Off Without Shane McMahon

By GRAHAM GSM MATTHEWS  – Bleacher Report – February 3, 2018


Bleacher-report-logoIt would be hard to argue Shane hasn’t been a valuable asset to the company over the past two years as an on-air character. Although he has been overexposed at times, the WWE Universe still adores him and has rallied behind him in his various feuds with the likes of The Undertaker, AJ Styles and Kevin Owens.

To his credit, McMahon did the honors for all of the aforementioned athletes. By and large, he isn’t one to overshadow younger talent, but if he isn’t going to win a major match every so often, one must question what worth he has to WWE as a wrestler at this stage of his career.

Shane is far better suited in an authority role as a babyface and remaining a background player than once again … Read the Full Story HERE

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