VICE SPORTS: Omega and Ibushi’s Friendship is Why We Love Pro Wrestling

By Ian Williams – February 6, 2018

Deep in the core of pro wrestling storytelling, beneath the tales of violence, vengeance, and betrayal, is a softer, more relatable hypothesis. It’s that friendship matters. Friendship might lead to those betrayals and it might always be tied to violence, but it also buoys and supports the drama in surprisingly earnest fashion.

The power of friendship is as old as everything else is in pro wrestling, and as simple. The Mega Powers don’t explode unless Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan don’t first form a friendship. The sting of Hogan’s betrayal of Savage (he absolutely betrayed Macho Man and I won’t hear otherwise) and the latter’s subsequent maniacal focus on vengeance doesn’t work unless the initial friendship is there.

Or take the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express’s break up. Eternal babyfaces Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson had been friends for the … Read the Full Story HERE


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