FORBES: 5 Reasons WWE must end the Brand Split

By Blake Oestriecher – FORBES – MARCH 2, 2018


WWE has already taken one giant leap toward the end of the brand split.

The company recently announced the end of single-branded pay-per-views as all events, starting with Backlash in May, will feature matches from both Raw and SmackDown. Another notable change is that there will only be 12 PPVs in 2018, which is down from 16 in 2017 and the 14 WWE had planned on having this year. Although WWE’s brand extension will still remain in effect, the end of brand-specific PPVs is just the latest sign WWE will soon end the brand split altogether.

Indeed, it has not even been two years since the brand split returned in July 2016, but in a lot of ways, the brand split has exposed WWE’s biggest flaws. The quality of programming on both Raw and SmackDown has been … Read the Full Story HERE



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