VICE SPORTS: The Forgotten Story of The First Black Female Wrestlers

By Corey Erdman – VICE – March 23, 2018

On the March 12 episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE announced it would name the inaugural women’s battle royal at WrestleMania after The Fabulous Moolah. It promptly blew up in the company’s face.

The tale WWE told was that Moolah was an empowering figure and a true revolutionary in the world of sports entertainment. In reality, she was a regressive force who, through means ranging from devious to outright despicable, held back women’s progress in the industry for decades. After Moolah’s 2007 death, female wrestlers like Mad Maxine and others began to talk about how they were exploited by Moolah—sometimes sexually—and how she abused female wrestlers under her power for years. Once journalists and Twitter users alike reminded the company of this, WWE made the decision to pull her name from the event.

That it took a full week of Twitter roasting and negative national coverage for …Read the Full Story HERE


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