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After some ups & downs to start his tenure in Impact Wrestling, a re-focused Braxton Sutter has gone back to basics, and has his eyes on the prize in 2018…

Braxton_SutterSutter, who was highly regarded when he entered the company two years ago, fell victim to some bad luck that derailed him in 2017. Injuries and some shifts in the company’s management left the Buffalo native lost in the shuffle. 

Now, Braxton Sutter is back. And this time, he says he has a new focus.

“There’s going to be a lot of changes. It’s just coming out now… the change in attitude,” he asserted. “My whole goal for 2018 is to have bigger matches, and higher profile opponents. That’s what I’m reaching for here.”

Sutter spoke with this week about the next phase of his career, his current storyline involving his wife, and his drive for 2018.

“For me, what was getting frustrating was, I’ve been doing this for awhile now, and it’s up to me to put a fire under my ass, and work harder,” he said. “The whole thing about being in your 30’s, is it seems like you finally know what you’re doing. I think that’s true with any type of performer, whether you’re a musician or a comedian, even. It seems like it takes you at least ten years to get really good at it.” 

Sutter’s recent return to action has been marked by a turn in his character. Onscreen, he’s now become at odds with his wife, Allie, who he cut ties with in storyline.

Away from the cameras, he says that the pair working together, and recently seeing her capture the Knockouts title, have been highlights to start the year.

Allie-and-Braxton-Sutter“It’s awesome,” Sutter said. “It’s perfect, actually. I’ve wrested buddies of mine in the past, who I’m friends with, that once you do, there’s just instant chemistry there.”

“That’s how it is with me and her; we have that on the wrestling side of things. But then, of course, we have even more of the connection, because she’s also my wife.”

“It’s in everything. All the way, from the wrestling side of the things, to the promos and the character development. There’s just that connection. So, working with each other… it just seems natural.”

He notes that same chemistry is interwoven through their common love of the business. Both he and Allie are pro wrestling ‘lifers’, having began their careers at very young ages. Despite several years on the road, they are still only in their 30s’. 

“We’re both just so involved in wrestling, that it makes for a natural bond between us. When we’re out there together, I think you can definitely see that.”

Part of his current angle had him crossing paths with one of company’s brightest newcomers, Brian Cage. On the March 1st episode of IMPACT on Pop!, The Machine came out to lay waste to Sutter, leaving fans to dream about a feud between these two promising stars. 

Sutter welcomes the opportunity, saying the possibility of a long-term program with the monstrous Cage is exciting. 

“It’s funny, because Cage is one of those guys that I have known for a while, and has been around for awhile,” Sutter said. “But, he’s a West Coast guy, and I’m an East Coast guy. I’ve just really started crossing paths with him in the last few years.”

“The first time we really got to talking, we have a lot in common. Both came in the business around the same time.”

“We’re both gym guys, so there’s a lot of meathead talk,” he joked. “It just seems like we both have had similar paths. So, to get to do some stuff with him on television – and maybe even have a really long program – would be awesome.”

maxresdefaultAs far as his career is concerned, Sutter says he’s done a lot of re-tooling, both in front of and behind, the camera. With over 15 years on the mat, he knows that the time for him is now.

“When I got signed by Impact, I had been an indy wrestler for 10 years, and I was over 30 years old,” he recalled. “I knew I had to make changes for it to happen for me, So I made those changes, and that led to me signing my first contract.”

Sutter, himself, admits that he hasn’t gotten off to the jump start he wanted in Impact, sidelined by some bad luck and nagging injuries. In the past, he had to adapt to take his game to the next level. Now, he’s taking a similar turn in Impact.

“This is kind of the same thing as before I got signed. I know as far as my career goes, lately, it’s been kind of stagnant, I know that if I don’t make changes, that I’m not going to go forward”

“Now, I’m doing those types of things. Now that I’m here, I’m doing the things I need to do to take it up even higher at this level.”

Of course, his main goal will be to strike gold in Impact, something he has yet to do in his tenure there. However, he also says he’s he’s looking forward to just mixing it up with some of the talent that has emerged on the roster recently.

PepperParks“It’s cool that there’s a buzz around the company with the younger guys,” he commented. “It’s not a situation where it’s like, Oh, these guys just got released from WWE, so they’re coming here now.

Instead, several of the roster’s performers fall into the exact, same category as Sutter – ‘young veterans’, who have used Impact as a vehicle to finally break out.

“Impact is creating their own talent now. And, because people can see that, the ratings are going up. I think that’s huge. I think that’s awesome. And everyone that’s been coming in so far has been great.”

Lately, we’ve witnessed a change in his demeanor, but Braxton Sutter insists his metamorphosis won’t end there. And even with all those things in motion, he sees nothing but success at all the stops ahead.

“I like to think of things like back when I was a fan; when guys came back, they changed everything,” he said. “They changed their look, they changed their moves, they changed their gear… everything.

“So, that’s what I’m doing right now. There’s going to be a lot of changes… but in a very good way”



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