iNDYS, iNTERNATIONAL, & THE uNDERGROUND – 04.01.2018: Elena Pogosyan Gets Nadi


Journalist by day, hated wrestler by night. How Elena Pogosyan thrives in two worlds.

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

Nadi stalked the ring before her match, microphone in hand and blasting arrogance for the world to hear.

She asked the crowd on hand at Women’s Wrestling Revolution “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” on March 25, 2018, “I want to know – who removed the lid to the septic tank and let some of these females in here?”


Nadi has control of Kennadi Copeland during a match at Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” on March 25. Nadi had earlier referred to Copeland as “a chewed-up, spit-out Ronda Rousey.”

Nadi’s attention then turned to her opponent that evening. Making fun of Kennadi Copeland’s transition from MMA to pro wrestling, Nadi peered down her nose at Copeland. “Honey, I am excited to knock out your Stonehenge teeth because maybe someone in WWR management can get me someone with some quality,” Nadi said.

Nadi is pure confidence in the ring. It is a facet of the larger story that Elena Pogosyan, the performer behind Nadi, is telling the world.

The Armenian wrestler has barely two years under her belt, having competed in her first match in December of 2015. A journalist by trade, Pogosyan found her love of storytelling translated into performance as well and acted on what she enjoyed as a child.

Nadi_02“I put in a lot of hours and I have a love for telling stories and being on the mic,” Pogosyan explained in a recent interview with The Gorilla Position. “I decided to wrestle out of the blue. I liked pro wrestling as a kid but didn’t ever expect myself to actually become a pro wrestler.”

Pogosyan’s first match was a rough affair. Having moved from her native Las Vegas to New York, Pogosyan trained under Johnny Rodz four to five hours per day for four months preparing to enter the ring. Her first match was a triple threat – something Pogosyan said she had not prepared for prior to the encounter.

Pogosyan went five minutes and at one point blacked out during the match. However, she rallied back for her first victory. However, the bug had yet to fully take hold.

“I didn’t like it when I first started because I just wasn’t getting it down,” Pogosyan said. “Then after a while I sort of got the hang of it and realized I loved cutting promos. Eventually it all just merged together.”

Pogosyan began taking to the craft to the point that she was noticed by the largest wrestling company in the world. In June of 2017, Pogosyan had a tryout with World Wrestling Entertainment that solidified her love for professional wrestling.

“It was definitely an experience,” Pogosyan said. “Being in the [Performance Center], interacting with people from different backgrounds and seeing how they handle the workouts was interesting. The entire process just made me love wrestling more.”

Pogosyan’s perseverance in pro wrestling and the challenges she has faced balancing that and journalism would seem to paint her as a natural fan favorite. However, as evidenced by her aforementioned tirade at “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” she has taken other elements from entertainment to walk the other path with her character Nadi.

“I really enjoy watching battle rap and anything that has to do with wordplay,” Pogosyan said. “When I incorporated that into my character, I was a natural heel.”

It was also when her character started to gain traction. Pogosyan combined the love of wordplay with a vicious streak in the ring, as evidenced in her WWR match against Kennadi Copeland:


Combining those elements, Pogosyan found herself working for CZW and, most recently, WWR. In each case, Pogosyan has the crowd solidly against her – which is proof she’s doing her job.

“The crowd usually doesn’t like me, but isn’t that the end goal?,” Pogosyan posited. “I’ll get a few who are fans, but most of the time they dislike me. I’ve gotten a water bottle thrown at me many times!”


Nadi gives both her opponent Willow Nightingale, and the referee hell at the same time during a match at Women’s Wrestling Revolution‘s “Adios Aurora” on October 8, 2017.

Nadi currently stands alongside male contemporaries Juan Francisco de Coronado and Maxwell Jacob Friedman as the hottest heels in independent wrestling. Pogosyan has already come a long way but takes the accolades and acrimony all in stride.

“I’m really just taking things as they come,” Pogosyan said when asked about her goals in wrestling. “I’d like to wrestle for West Coast companies like Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and [Joey Ryan’s] Bar [Wrestling], but I don’t have any long term goals so far. I’m having fun and enjoying the ride!”

From blacking out in her first match to riling any given crowd on an internet live stream, Pogosyan’s journey has taken large strides in a relatively short time. Nadi will be a character to keep an eye on in the near future as Pogosyan continues writing her own story in professional wrestling.



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