NWA: The Ballad of Colt Cabana


Colt Cabana is a former two-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion with much more to prove. Nick Aldis is the man currently holding the Ten Pounds of Gold. Both men are on a collision course with each other and with history.

Both men are headed to Wenzhou, China where the NWA Worlds Championship will be defended for the first time

This is the first part of their story as NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 20 brings the cameras to New Orleans just seven days before Colt Cabana challenges Nick Aldis. Colt Cabana shows how he feels as he connects with fans on the streets.

Cabana is known for how he’s used his career story to become an expert in marketing, particularly by way of his Art of Wrestling podcast.

Nick Aldis has a very direct message in this piece on why he feels Colt Cabana will not win the NWA Worlds Championship.

YouTube: NWA



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