MLW Fusion Episode 05: “Double Jeopardy” – 05.18.2018

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor


MLW Fusion Episode 05: “Double Jeopardy”
May 18, 2018 – Gilt Nightclub – Orlando, FL


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Welcome back to The Gorilla Position’s coverage of MLW Fusion on beinSports and thanks for joining us!

For those playing along at home, This Is How We Do It: if you’re here for play-by-play, star ratings, or discussions about booking or finishes, you’re in the wrong house. Our tagline here at The Gorilla Position is, “Telling the stories of pro wrestling’s storytellers.” That is how the matches will be recapped – not move-for-move, but the story being told in the ring. Also, this is a live event, not Game of Thrones. There are spoilers here insofar as results.

With that out of the way, as Tony Schiavone would say, “Let’s go to the ring!”

Show opens with a recap of the story thus far: Shane Strickland won the MLW World Championship and was threatened by Saline De La Renta. Pentagon blinded Strickland last week, and MLW officials are forcing Pentagon to defend his #1 Contendership this week as a result.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcome us to let us know that we will be hearing from Strickland later this evening.

On tap for this evening:


Kotto Brazil_Trey MiguelA nonstop barrage of dives and strikes from both men looking to impress the brass. Brazil’s stock-in-trade looks to be aerial attacks and impact moves while Miguel sprinkles some heavy strikes into the game. Miguel’s strikes seem to throw Brazil off his game as Miguel can match Brazil’s agility but adds that extra facet to his attack. Brazil has heart but not quite enough to survive Miguel’s onslaught of feet and knees.

Finish comes when Miguel ghits Brazil with a modified 619 followed by the flying Meteora for the 3-count pinfall. Brazil is a good underdog and both guys played up that they’re looking at further opportunities. Here’s hoping they get their wish.

Recap of Pentagon vs. Fenix I before the commercial. On the other side, Rich Bocchini interviews Salina De La Renta at her mansion as she looks down her nose at him. De La Renta feels as though Bocchini feels intimited by a succesful businesswoman and shoves him in the pool after discovering cat hair on his lapel. No, seriously. In the arena, De La Renta tells the interviewer her Latin America stable of athletes has grown as she has also aquired the services of Fenix. No matter who wins tonight, Promociones Dorado comes out with a shot at the World Championship.

Last week, Jimmy Havoc defeated Joey Janella then got his ass whupped by Team Filthy. Lawlor and Gotch are both relaxing in a pool (not the same one) and tell the cameraman Havoc got what he deserved. Man, those MMA guys are dicks.

TEAM TBD vs. THE DIRTY BLONDES (with Col. Robert Parker) – Eliminaiton Match

Team TBD_Dirty BlondesThis has been an ongoing battle of style and flash versus brawn and old-school trickery. The teams picked up where they left off at the outset as Leo relies on his strength. Yuta is ready for it and answers with his speed and agility – and a slap for good measure. The temper of Team TBD may be the deciding factor as this goes on, but at the outset Yta and Cade are holding the Blondes off with tandem offense and quickness. The strength advantage and chicanery show their heads as all it takes is a counter of a cross-body – and a handful of tights – for Leo to eliminate Yuta by pinfall.

Cade is in deep trouble in a 2-on-1 situation against 2 meaner, bigger men. Cade survives the numbers advantage until he is able to turn it against them by running them together to escape. It’s when the Blondes get cocky enough to play Team TBD’s game that the advantage ends after Cade eliminates Michael with a backslide driver.

And then there were two – or so it seems. Cade’s speed and strikes look to be enough to save the day until Col. Parker gets involved for his men….

Finish comes when Parker keeps the referee’s attention while Michael returns to assist Leo with a double-team spinebuster on Cade to help Leo score the final pinfall victory for his team.

After the match, Cade and Yuta let their frustration show but vow to have their revenge and their act together in time to win the MLW Tag Team Championships.

Speaking of revengs, Strickland promises just that along with his title defense against whomever may come out on top tonight.

PENTAGON JR. (with Salina De La Renta) vx. FENIX – “Double Jeopardy” #1 Contender’s Match for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Pentagon_FenixThe style battle here should be pretty evident. Fenix is the aerialist while Pentagon = cero miedo. The conflict between brothers should be interesting as should the fact that, no matter who wins, De La Renta represents the #1 Contender. Interesting to see if thisplays a factor in the match at all.

Off the bat, it doesn’t seem to as Fenix immediately goes for broke. He knows his brother enough to know to hit him with all he has early and keep him disoriented. If there’s anyone Pentagon has well-scouted, however, it’s his own brother – and his counter-attacks show that well. Pentagon is able to slow down the pace and chop his brother’s chest to ground chuck in the corner. Fenix’s quickness and resilience is able to keep him alive but Pentagon’s superior strength keeps cutting him off at the knees and taking him out of the skies.

Fenix stays in the game with strikes and unorthodox, trying to catch his brother off-guard. But, again, it’s as if there’s nothing Pentagon hasn’t seen his brother try. Pentagon also doesn’t care what’s at stake as he hits a package pileriver on his own brother on the apron of the ring! Fenix lives up to his name and survives to fight on, but in the end Pentagon lets the world know just how far he’s willing to go to keep his spot against Strickland.

Finish comes when Pentagon snaps Fenix’s arm back before hitting a second package piledriver the thr pinfall victory. You can’t really go wrong with these two in the main event and they prove that once again. De La Renta boasts into the camers to end the show. Next week, Pentagon gets his shot against Strickland with the title on the line.

I said last week that, “Having less matches on the television shows may give guys a better chance at showcasing what they can do, both on a mic and in a ring.” From an in-ring standpoint, this week may have proven me wrong. There was also some minimal but good character work with the interviews. It’s onward and upward for the MLW resurgence.

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