ESPN: Nikki Cross adds just the right amount of chaos to the women’s division

By SEAN COYLE – JUNE 1, 2018

When Ember Moon made her transition to the RAW roster, the NXT women’s division faced a challenge in identity. Atop the division as champion was the ruthless Shayna Baszler, and rather than creating legitimate threats for the title, Baszler has maintained her bully-based persona through intimidation, most notably with Dakota Kai.

Baszler’s path of terror hit a fork in the road on Wednesday night.

Kai, aided by a unique pep talk by Nikki Cross last week, mustered up the courage to go to battle with Baszler with the NXT women’s championship on the line. If you’ve followed Kai’s career through the independent wrestling scene, or even just watched her perform in the Mae Young Classic, you know she has a ton of talent. But few, if any, could have expected her to dethrone the dominant champion on NXT TV this week — and she didn’t. That’s not the story here though … Read the Full Story HERE

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