SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Why Brock Lesnar’s Absence Is Such a Big Problem for Raw


This week’s Raw highlighted a critical weakness that reveals itself nearly every week: WWE has no world champion on Monday nights.

With Universal champion Brock Lesnar enjoying the spoils of a part-time schedule, WWE does not have the ability to keep the world title at the epicenter of their Raw brand.

The world title is one goal that every wrestler wants, and losing that desire has put WWE, especially on large volume episodic television, in a very precarious position.

Does Lesnar need to drop the title? Not necessarily, but if not, he needs to make more televised appearances. According to sources close to WWE, Lesnar is widely expected to drop the belt, at the latest, by SummerSlam. Because Lesnar’s new contrac pays him by the fight, dropping the belt could signal the end of his time in WWE … Read the Full Story HERE


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