iNDYS, iNTERNATIONAL, & THE uNDERGROUND – 06.17.2018: Davienne – The Journey to Dominance

Davienne Long is Not America’s Sweetheart. But since childhood, she has been determined to make it to the top of the pro wrestling world.

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

The dream all started with a family bonding experience.

“My brother used to watch WWE and I walked by the TV one day and I decided to stay and watch with him,” Davienne Long said in an exclusive interview with The Gorilla Position. “The first match I remember was Randy Orton vs. Christian and from that moment, I was hooked.”

From then on, Davienne and her brother began watching together regularly. While she became a fan of Randy Orton, she noticed another aspect of the shows that caught her attention and set her destiny. “We started watching the shows regularly and I saw a lot of the females as role models,” Long said. “I like how they were really strong and fit and I thought, ‘I could definitely do this. This is something I can do.’ I researched schools and decided this is what I’m going to do. I had my mind set to it and that was that.”

While others in the field come to such a decision in their high school years or later, Long’s dream to enter the world of professional wrestling was cemented at childhood.

“I was 11,” Long said. “I was little when I made the decision.”


Davienne has competed in more than a dozen promotions since that time including Big Time Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling, and New England Championship Wrestling among many others. She has become a standout in both Women’s Wrestling Revolution and Beyond Wrestling – both of which she now considers home.

“Honestly, Drew [Cordeiro is] my favorite person to work with,” Davienne said. “He gives me so many great opportunities and such great feedback. He has really helped me grow since WWR first came to fruition. I believe it’s my home promotion. Every single show is something different and a new opportunity. Being on and releasing YouTube videos – it’s got my name out there to so many other people.”

Davienne_ActionWhile not pursuing group sports in high school, Davienne swam as a freshman and pursued weightlifting in her sophomore years. Once she turned 18 and “washed her hands” of high school, Davienne discovered Brian Fury’s New England Pro Wrestling Academy and showed up ready to train.

“Kenny Dykstra went to high school with my sister,” Davienne explained. “Our local newspaper did a write-up on him when he made it to WWE and it said his training school was the Killer Kowalski school. So then it was a matter of following how Killer Kowalski’s became the New England Pro Wrestling Academy. Once I was of age and had money and a car, soon as my 18th birthday hit I went and paid Fury and that was the start of the journey.”

Since turning pro a little more than five years ago, Davienne has been in the ring with some of the best women competitors in the world. From independent veteran Veda Scott to current Ring of Honor Women’s Championship contender Karen Q to Jordynne Grace – who many believe will be featured on WWE NXT sooner than later – Davienne has built an impressive resume.

Along her list of challengers, Davienne’s body of work is also marked by an uncanny knack for storytelling. It was during a match with Josh Briggs during WrestleMania Weekend that she got to show that talent to a much wider audience – and relished the opportunity to do so with a fellow Fury trainee.

Davienne_Josh Briggs“I have to give Josh Briggs so much credit for that match,” Davienne said. “To wrestle on a platform like Beyond was amazing and then to have it during NOLA was the coolest thing ever. I think we both went into that match trying to make the story as different as possible. Josh really wanted to show my strengths and make me shine, which I love him for.”

Davienne credits trainer Fury for much of her ability to take the audience on a journey with her in the ring. “Fury is amazing,” she said. “He is so good at wrestling and in-ring psychology. I would not be anywhere without him. I think a lot of Fury’s students have a lot of his mannerisms and the way he thinks behind all of our storytelling. So it comes from him but it also comes from who we are as wrestlers and then we just evolve from there.”

Davienne is also intelligent enough to use her natural look to her advantage. Her normal expression is one of zero emotion. With this in mind, Davienne is proud to show her cold demeanor in the ring and declare that she is “Not America’s Sweetheart.”

“I have the ‘resting Davie face’ – that is just me if I express no emotion,” said Davienne. “That is my face – I look like I’m angry all the time. So that’s me in the ring times 1000.”

Davienne_JapanDavienne has also had the rare opportunity to hone her craft across the Pacific Ocean. “I worked with Marvelous [in Japan],” said Davienne. ”It was definitely very interesting. It was 10 weeks in 2015. It was very cool – I loved wrestling there. I would wrestle there every single day if I got the chance. It’s amazing”

With five years of experience – including a trip to Japan – under her belt and her wisdom in the ring belying her age, Davienne looks to travel to the top of the wrestling world with her intimidating presence and impressive talent.

“I would like to be in more of the all-women’s promotions – Shine, Shimmer, Rise – and grow there,” Davienne said. “Long term, Ring of Honor, Impact and then – the ultimate dream – WWE and NXT and have my career there.”

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