INSTANT IMPACT – 06.29.2018: Alicia Atout speaks about making her IMPACT! debut


At 23 years old, Alicia Atout brings a smooth approach and pop culture appeal in her new role as the backstage interviewer on IMPACT!

By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief

AliciaAtout_5034_previewIn recent months, Impact Wrestling has been filling their roster with some of the hottest, young names in the industry today. It’s helped create a buzz around the company, getting fresh light behind a growing constellation of newfound stars.

You can now add the name Alicia Atout to that list, as well.

The 23-year-old face of the popular music-and-wrestling blog AMBY took a huge step forward in her broadcasting career when she made her television debut on Impact on Pop this week.

“It feels absolutely incredible just hearing people say words like, ‘television star’, and it’s really just hitting me – knowing that I’m going to be on Impact every week,” Atout told about making it to the small screen. “This has been a goal of mine for a long time, so I’m definitely excited.”

At first glance, Atout appears to be a natural behind the microphone, having launched her blog right out of high school. Inspired by her father, she started out simply writing articles and began interviewing local musicians, eventually displaying a free-flowing style and comfortable approach.

Before long, AMBY (A Music Blog, Yea?) was a huge hit, and Atout eventually became an internet and pop culture sensation, gaining thousands of online followers. Even with no formal training, her conversations with celebrities were noted for their mellow tone and unique settings. A little over a year ago, she expanded her operation to include interviews with wrestlers. 

Alicia_3-1024x1024“I don’t try to put on a persona or ‘up’ my personality,” Atout said. “For me, I try to make the interview as unique as possible. A lot of times, these interviews are a lot of ‘wiki questions’ and the same thing over and over.”

“I know that people on the other side dont really enjoy that, so I try do as much research as possible. One of my favorite things to hear from a star is, Oh my gosh! I’ve never heard that question before.”

For a generation of grapplers very conscience of social media, an interview with Atout meant a chance for some crossover appeal: AMBY represented a cauldron of music, entertainment and pop culture, in general. With that momentum, Atout’s star continued to rise. She’s now conducted well over 2000 documented interviews with various celebrities.

“It was over the course of about four or five years,” she recalled. “I think it worked out to about 380 a year… So, a lot of talking!”

When the Ontario native heard about Impact moving their operations to Toronto earlier this year, she admits she was excited. She had become acquainted with several of the personalities already on the roster, and was familiar with the product. Now, they would be producing the majority of their programming right in her backyard.

“I’m not going to lie about that; when opportunity knocks, you gotta take advantage of it!” She laughed, “I’ve wanted to work with this company for a long time, especially being such a fan. So, it sounds pretty cheesy, but everything luckily worked out, and now I’m here.”

It seems things have come full circle for Atout and her relationship with Impact. She already appears to be handling backstage duties with the poise of a veteran, and has all the makings of a TV star. She ties her success to lots of preparation, and to the vast experience that she’s already attained.

AliciaAtout_5045_preview“I was doing the music stuff for so long that I was really able to hone my skill set.” she recalled. “I was actually doing three interviews a day at one point. The more I was able to to do that, the more I was able to polish my skills and get better at it.”

“So, by the time I was able to do wrestling – It was a whole new industry, but I already had that experience to fall back on. I was able to go in, do my thing, and knock everything out.”

“I hope when people see that, they can recognize, hey… she does put hard work in.”, she said. “And, if that’s one of the reasons that Impact invited me to be a part of their family, then I’m definitely grateful, for sure.”

Having already reached so many plateaus at such a young age, Atout knows there are still more big mountains to climb.

“I’ll be appearing at the Slammiversary pay-per-view at The Rebel, the biggest pay per view of the year,” Atout said. “Which is so surreal, to be honest, because I have been watching it for years now. And, I think I’ve almost interviewed the whole Impact roster already. I still have few more to go, and I can’t wait until I get to all of them. It’s really just so exciting – There are so many great people here, and every single person in Impact has been terrific to me since I got here.”

“So it’s just absolutely crazy… really! To be able to go to anyone in the locker room for help or advice. It’s a good community and a great environment, so that’s another reason I feel so lucky… I was a kid, I went after what I loved, and everything just came to fruition. So, just to be here, blows my mind right now.”

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