LUCHA UNDERGROUND: Season 4 | Episode 3 – Review

By Travis Woolum, Contributing Writer

Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane coming through to bring you the rundown of this week’s Lucha Underground…

Opener: The debuting XO-Licius vs Jack Evans: Pretty bad match here in my opinion, as XO’s gimmick is one that I just don’t care for unless it’s done right & to make it worse he’s not a very good wrestler right now, maybe he just hasn’t been in the business very long, but he’s got a lot to learn as it takes a lot to make someone as talented as Jack Evans look that bad. Terrible start.

Main Event: 1st ever 3-Ways-to-the-Grave Match: Mil Muertes def Rey Fenix & Jeremiah Crane: GREAT match here & a near classic. This match had it all: Blood, Holy $hit spots, a good story, tables, a destroyed ring. What else could a wrestling fan possibly want? Huge praise to the reintroduction of Ivelisse as she’s one of my favorite characters. I also dug the story of Fenix fighting until he physically couldn’t do anything else as Mil is such a fantastic monster. Catrina is seemingly no longer stuck between worlds now so we got some storyline resolution in that regard.

Other stuff: Pentagon & Cage should be nothing short of epic as Pentagon has been built up so strongly as champion in just a few weeks & Cage is a monster of athletic proportions so there’s no way that these 2 can’t provide an awesome title match. Also, really interested in Matanza summoning his brother’s spirit & giving himself godly powers as this should make him an even stronger monster going forward, I cannot wait to see what it leads to which is what Lucha Underground does best.

Overall: Fantastic main event & Pentagon segment tonight, just take away that opener & why have about a perfect show on our hands. Whatever you do, make sure you watch the main event as it’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before. 9/10

This is Hurricane Travis signing off, we’ll see you next week for Lucha Underground. Thank you for reading.


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