BLEACHER REPORT: Why Turning Roman Reigns Heel Is No Longer a Viable Option for WWE


WWE always has plans in place for its top Superstars up to a year in advance, but the crowd doesn’t always react the way the company expects.

011_RAW_04032017ca_0110--98aec89a850800a63821fec10bbebee7This leaves management with two choices. It can either adjust course to go with what the crowd wants or it can dig in its heels and keep pushing forward regardless of what the WWE Universe thinks about it.

When Braun Strowman went from being booed to getting the biggest pop on any given night, the company did the right thing by embracing the cheers and putting him into storylines with heels so his fanbase could grow.

The same thing has happened countless times in both directions. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was turned babyface when the fans began to … Read the Full Story HERE

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