BLEACHER REPORT: It’s Time to Dump Hell in a Cell from WWE’s PPV Schedule



downloadWelcome to another Hot Take. In this edition, it’s time to get fired up about how Hell in a Cell has lost its luster and just isn’t cutting it anymore, despite how WWE would love to continue convincing you it’s a stronger concept than ever before.

Once upon a time, Hell in a Cell was the big, bad monster in terms of gimmick matches.

In an era when a steel cage was seen as the most dangerous option, Hell in a Cell came out of the woodwork like its mutant offspring—or given the circumstances of the Kane and Undertaker feud at In Your House: Badd Blood, its more violent sibling.

By the end of its debut, the match stipulation built up enough of a reputation that when its name was uttered, it spelled doom.

But that was in 1997, and over the past few years, things just haven’t been the same … Read the Full Story HERE



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