THE POWER OF THE PIN – 10.27.2018: Becky… Get Your Blade

By Ryan K Boman, Editor in Chief


“Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.” 
― Clive Barker

In what should be a groundbreaking evening, WWE is set to make history with the first ever, all-women’s pay-per-view, Evolution. Scheduled just three days before Halloween, this special event was originally masqueraded as a really BIG deal, only to arrive at the party wearing nothing more than a sheet with a couple of holes in it. 

Outside of the usual pageantry, there’s one, particularly interesting story heading into Sunday night. On the Smackdown side of the card, the main event will see Becky Lynch defend the Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair. It’s the runaway choice as the hottest match-up of the evening, as the former friends will continue their bitter rivalry in a Last Woman Standing match. 

Right there – in Nassau Coliseum – these two ladies are going to engage in a good, ol’ fashioned, New York Street Fight. And, with the witching hour upon us, expect this war to get downright scary. That’s why Sunday’s showdown between Lynch and Flair is one that could use a little black magic of it’s own…

There will be violence. There will be brutality. But, there should be blood.

Lynch and Flair have developed an interesting and intense feud, enough that its led to a hardcore fight. They’re also playing a highly-anticipated role in what will be an important event in women’s wrestling history. They have a chance to shock everyone, and change a lot of minds, on the biggest stage of their lives.

Why not, then… finish off this blood feud with a bloodbath?

Would Flair or Lynch consider ‘getting color’ on Sunday? Would the company ask them to do it? Or, even allow it? And if so, what would the fans reaction be to seeing two of wrestling’s most beautiful ladies… bloody to the bone? 

It’s a uniquely puzzling proposition, but not one that would necessarily condone the barbaric and sadistic act of carving up women, or the casual bloodletting of pro wrestling’s performers. The art of cutting one’s own forehead isn’t even a regular practice these days, and is far removed from the time when guys like Abdullah the Butcher or Bruiser Brody did it on a nightly basis.

Today, the WWE men rarely bleed in their matches, and rightfully so. It’s a dangerous act, if it’s not handled or treated properly. So, no one is suggesting that Lynch and Flair pull a Norman Bates, and begin stabbing away at each other. Even with Halloween upon us, there’s no need to re-create a slasher film at Evolution. And, by no means should either woman (or any performer) feel pressured into taking a strip of steel across their skin. 

e1321d5a514aa9cf935859e979e15723At the same time, however, they shouldn’t be restricted. It should really be at the descretion of those in the ring. If both performers were comfortable with it, I think it would be a great way to advance the feud, as well as the burgeoning Lynch character.

Right now, The Irish Lass Kicker has the chance to become the most engaging person on the company’s current roster. Despite how she’s been booked recently, the fans have responded to her in ways we’ve not really seen from a female in WWE. She’s become a cult-like figure, and a newfound aggressiveness has only fueled that rocket ship.

Her ascension has even been likened to the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who once rang fame’s doorbell while drenched in a pool of blood, himself. And with one flick of a wrist, Lynch could gain a little of that same, ‘gory glory’ on Sunday.

As far as Charlotte is concerned, what better homage to her father, than wearing ‘red on blonde’? She’d just be carrying on the family tradition of getting busted open in the middle of a big fight.

And from the fans perspective – we always seem to think that blood adds more fire to a feud. It’s probably why promoters have sworn for years that ‘red means green’. That would definitely be true in this case: We’ve never seen a truly, violent match from the ladies of WWE. So, a couple of crimson masks at the end of this bout would definitely get the fans buzzing, and the talk trending online.

It’d also be one more step in proving that the company’s women can do everything that the men can do – right down to simulating animalistic rage. And, if there were ever a showcase, a spotlight, or time, to do it…  it would be at Last Woman Standing.

That’s why Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair should seal the deal – in blood – on Sunday. They should devolve into darkness, in order to shine at Evolution.

Not because they have something to prove. Not to provide violence for the sake of violence. And certainly, not to show up their male counterparts.

They should bleed because they’re wrestlers. Wrestlers in an extremely bitter and personal feud. And in this type of extreme situation? It’s what wrestlers do.

Trick or Treat.



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