BLEACHER REPORT: Hulk Hogan Advertised for WWE Crown Jewel


960x0Hulk Hogan is being advertised to appear at WWE Crown Jewel on Friday at King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

WWE reinstated Hogan into the Hall of Fame in July after suspending him and terminating his contract in 2015 due to recordings that were released featuring Hogan making racist remarks.

If Hogan does take part in Crown Jewel, it will mark his first WWE appearance in three years.

Last week, Hogan spoke with the Orlando Sentinel (h/t Dustin Frisch of Wrestling News Source) and said that he was excited about having some involvement with Crown Jewel: “There are a lot of plans in the works. I’m looking forward to going to Saudi Arabia with the WWE, looking forward to WrestleMania—but yeah, we’re moving forward at a rapid pace. It’s exciting to have this opportunity again after all these years where I was there and gone.” … Read the Full Story HERE



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