THE CASUAL SHEEP – 11.09.2018: One, Bad Lass… The Ascension of Becky Lynch

By Goose Mahler, Contributing Writer

Becky Lynch, The Irish Lass Kicker, had been in a funk as recently as SummerSlam. Putting over other talents, losing to Camella, The Iiconics, all while tag teaming with Naomi and Asuka. Through it all, she didn’t complain, still doing Make-A-Wish, signing autographs for her fans, and doing a lot of different appearances from city to city.

Such is the life of a WWE Superstar.

Becky-Lynch-Charlotte-Flair-say-everything-is-fine-so-it’s-fineThen, going into SummerSlam, she gets an opportunity. Call it the Golden Ticket to the WWE’s 2nd biggest Pay Per View of the year. A one on one match against Camella. Things were looking up for the work horse of the Smackdown Live Women’s division. Or were they?

Back comes Charlotte from an injury and all off a sudden we go one on one to Triple Threat. I get it, Charlotte is the Queen and coming off the ESPN Body Issue, surely you have to find a spot on the 2nd biggest PPV for your Queen right? Tea Time with her bestie and a big payday. Or so people thought.

The two weeks leading into SummerSlam the WWE hinted at a turn. Charlotte had it written all over her face, after all she is the daughter of the Dirtest Player in the Game. But Charlotte got her hand raised in victory for the 7th time since he debut. Becky was shunned again by bad booking.

People like defending the WWE bookers for some reason. But if you look at all Becky Lynch’s Championship (Don’t call it a Title in front of a WWE person they hate that) Matches, outside of one or two they have all been Triple Threat’s, Fatal Fourways, name it. Nothing was one on one. So she snapped, hell any of us in that position would snap. The heel was going to be Becky?

Wait a second here…we all heard the crowd right? She snapped and they were cheering her at SummerSlam…in the US, not Canada which is typically the place were the fans turn faces heels and heels faces. But Becky attacks and the crowd was loving every damn minute of it.

tenorHer demeanor changed, but the fans didn’t. Her promos were cold and calculating and the fans were eating it up. She called the Queen Charlotte “a bitch”, and the crowd chanted for Becky. Every step that normally works in a heel turn was blowing up in the WWE’s face because the fans know what they want, not what’s feed to them.

Becky wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell. The WWE has Smackdown 1000 and throws her in a segment with Edge, quite possibly on of the most over retired wrestlers who plays a great face and the fans boo Edge as soon as he tells Becky is hating your best friend worth the Championship and looking in the mirror? Becky’s response…I love myself. And the crowd booed Edge! Last ditch effort by the WWE to get fans to turn on Becky and try and keep Charlotte as their number 1 face. Backfired.

Becky and Charlotte tore the house down at the 1st all female PPV Evolution. Tables, ladders, chairs, announce tables all in shambles in a Last Women Standing match for the be…sorry WWE doesn’t like calling it a belt either, Championship. They went all out in what many fans are calling the main event and WWE match of the year. The only thing missing was a blade job. But this match told a story and stole the entire show. Becky beats Charlotte and again the crowd goes nuts.

Not only is Becky getting this persona in the ring perfected, she took it to Twitter with quite possibly the best lines ever and changing her handle to “The Man”.

First Ronda Rousey:

Then Alexa Bliss:

And Seth Rollins:

The Bad Lass is rolling with her momentum and taking it to new heights. She has a new challenge with the undefeated Ronda Rousey in a Raw vs Smackdown Women’s Champions Match up, which is non title (they are okay with that, just not Title by itself). Becky is one of the hottest acts in wrestling right now not in NJPW or named Cody Rhodes.

If the WWE had any smarts, they would market this women as the next Stone Cold Steve Austin. Because, gems like this don’t grow on trees.

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