DEADSPIN: If Pro Wrestling Is Art, Daniel Bryan Is His Generation’s Master


Daniel_Bryan_bio--5b64b5311207d6c4e2a4beae4a51d129Welcome back, Daniel Bryan.

He’s been back on WWE’s active roster since WrestleMania, but Daniel Bryan’s second act as a major wrestling star had largely been underwhelming until the last week. He was treated as a supporting cast member in his first match back, a long-awaited feud with The Miz kind of fizzled for no real reason after an outstanding first few weeks, and Bryan had not really had a big breakout match since his return.

The good news was that this didn’t seem to have anything to do with the health issues that had previously pushed him into retirement. It was just standard-issue WWE malpractice: Bryan wasn’t getting especially good storylines and the best ones were repeatedly kneecapped. Seeing such an all-around brilliant performer—an all-time talent as in-ring wrestler and a legitimately great talker as well—stifled to such degree was increasingly frustrating. Bryan was well-known for his experimental storytelling outside of WWE, but he seemed stuck without a story to tell.

Anyway, that’s over now. Bryan is back, and it is good … Read the Full Story HERE

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