ESPN: WWE is set up for an undeniable women’s WrestleMania main event


20181029_SurvivorSeries_RondaBecky-d0c686ff22d9658f99893082d2f99fb4-1Inside the Staples Center at Survivor Series, it was supposed to be Becky Lynch‘s night.

When Lynch came through the curtains in Los Angeles in front of a sold-out house, she was supposed to the biggest star in the room. Her opponent, Ronda Rousey, one of the most influential athletes in recent memory, was set to be her foil. Over the past year, Lynch has ridden the wave of momentum coming from the undercurrent of the WWE fan base, similar to the one that saw Daniel Bryan usurp the status quo to become the undisputed world champion at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans.

Everything was lined up perfectly for Lynch to take the stage in front of one of wrestling’s hottest crowds. She might have lost to Rousey, but the match, coupled with the overwhelming majority of the crowd singing her name, would have further catapulted her as one of the hottest acts the somewhat stagnant WWE has seen in some time.

And yet, one Nia Jax punch six days before Survivor Series and one “broken face” diagnosis later, Lynch never got her payoff moment … Read the Full Story HERE

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