DEADSPIN: WWE Is Preparing For Global Domination And Everyone Is Finally Noticing


Triple H - UKOver the course of the last few weeks, a crush of news on the WWE talent development front has changed how many fans look at the company. A Monday report from WrestleTalk revealed major changes to the contracts for WWE’s United Kingdom-based developmental talent; the new language specifically limited who developmental wrestlers can work for after almost two years of only minor restrictions.

This followed news couple weeks ago, during a wrestling media conference call , Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, revealed that his vision of WWE now involves wrestlers spending their whole careers on the developmental circuits, never hitting Raw or SmackDown. (News also broke that Austria’s WALTER, arguably the best wrestler in the world, had been signed for WWE’s European circuit, taking him out of the independent mix and thus ruling him out of most of the shows set for WrestleMania weekend in New York City, but that was mostly just a bummer.)

A narrative soon emerged, or more precisely migrated from the more cynical corners of the internet into the mainstream of wrestling discourse. That narrative is this: WWE is warehousing wrestlers, possibly to depress wages and possibly just because it can, and is working to use certain smaller promotions to choke off the currently booming indie wrestling scene … Read the Full Story HERE



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