2019 WWE Money in the Bank results, recap, & grades

by  &  – CBS SPORTS – MAY 19, 2019

3YVCFF4FXVDTXELIA72ZJNDUJQWWE was clearly motivated to deliver a knockout pay-per-view with Money in the Bank on Sunday, and there is no doubt they delivered.

With top-tier matches, quality booking, surprise victories and an astounding swerve or two, Money in the Bank received a tremendous fan response in Hartford, Connecticut, and had the internet talking about its results — even in the face of the “Game of Thrones” series finale.

With multiple title changes on the show, a return many expected (just not in the way it was handled) and matches given time to deliver the way these performers can when provided the opportunity, WWE hit a home run with this one. Not a grand slam, perhaps. After all, there is plenty to discuss with regards to the referees on this show and whether their incompetency is actually an angle. But enough talking about it. Let’s check out what went down — match by match — at Money in the Bank with our complete results, grades and highlights from the show… Read the Full Results HERE

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