WOMAN ON FIRE – 01.09.2019: What’s Holding You Back?

By Kim Artlip, Columnist

36973624_10155838566818681_8706946449083990016_nInstead of writing and thinking about my New Year’s resolutions the past week, we were knocked off our bearings by the loss of a family member.  No matter how many times, you tell yourself that it’s a possibility when someone is ill, you still feel the raw pain and utter helplessness that accompanies the loss.  But it has really made me think this past week as well about life choices.

I know I am as guilty as everyone about waiting.  Waiting for the perfect time, for the money, alignment of the stars or whatever it is that I think must happen for me to move forward with a goal or dream.  I realized that I am holding myself back and losing precious time that could have been better utilized working toward the next project, change, etc.

So I decided to step back and look (really look) at the mixed messages that friends, competitors and companies are putting out there.  So much hesitation. What exactly are we so damn afraid of? We might fail. Pfft. Failure is simply a lesson on what to do differently.  We can’t live our lives afraid to even try something. One day we are going to run out of chances to start and look back at a life that was less that what we should have lived.

For years, I have watched one particular wrestler who never got out of his comfort zone. He didn’t travel, he worked the same handful of shows and to me, he was just ‘there’.  One night at a show, his promoter/trainer told him that he was teamed up in a tag match. Something clicked. Two guys who were as different as night and day suddenly were driven.  They marketed themselves, went to seminars, traveled and won belts.

What changed?

They let go of their inhibitions and baggage and embraced what they were given.  A chance to build something bigger than the two of them. In a year, they are now a tag team on everyone’s radar and willing to do the drives and put in the work to get ahead.  They stopped holding themselves back and it is paying off in spades.

It really doesn’t take grief or someone’s intervention to change how you approach your goals.  But you have to realize that if you do what you always did, then you are going to get what you always got.   

You have to be open and willing to change.  We all know the people that start “new year, new you” but it’s true to an extent. If you’re consistently around negative, doubtful, or otherwise unhappy people – soon enough you will become them. With that transformation, you’ll begin to absorb their poor habits and failing attitude into your own personality.

You will swept up and away and further from your goals.  

Actually, do you even have goals?  If you do not have a clear vision or an idea of what goals you are wanting to reach, you are not going to achieve them. It’s always good to know what it is that you want. This makes it much easier to start taking the steps you need to take to reach your end goal.

It could help to share your ideas with others. See if friends or family can help you figure out what you are trying to achieve. You need to be able to visualize what it is you want and then go for it, this will be much easier.

Don’t expect everyone to be onboard with your goals and dreams.  Trust me. If I had a flipping dollar for everyone who said my company would fold after a show or two, I’d be rich.  I was told no one would work for a woman but that hasn’t been an issue. Every single damn time I was told what I couldn’t do, I simply did it.  I never saw that I had a choice. It’s my damn dream, not theirs so why should I left their inhibitions hold me back?

You are going to see me trying so many things this year, some new and some that I never really gave a chance to previously but they were really good ideas.  But I let people, fears and doubt make me put them on the backburner. I was my own worst enemy. I held myself and my company back by putting my eggs in the wrong basket and focusing on goals that were not that important in the long run.  But you learn from your mistakes, don’t you?

I’m not afraid to challenge preconceived notions of me and my company so I guess you better all put on a protective cup in 2019.  I was nicknamed the Woman On Fire and I plan to live up to that moniker this year. I don’t need to hide behind polite and quiet. I will remain professional but I’m coming for everything I have been wanting to achieve.  Until then, ignite your fire, and follow your dreams.

Kim Artlip, Owner + Promoter


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