BLEACHER REPORT: A Look at Superstars WWE Should Poach from AEW


Jungle-Boy-2-456x570 - Edited
‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry

Plenty of All Elite Wrestling’s roster wouldn’t want to jump to WWE, even if CEO Vince McMahon asked nicely.

The majority of AEW’s wrestlers don’t fit into WWE’s mold of a sports entertainer. They don’t have the look, the height or the aesthetic that the company prioritizes: a slow, methodical pace that values narrative over athleticism and work rate.

And for these wrestlers, AEW is the best they could hope for. It is a well-financed promotion that values diversity, not only in regard to race, sexuality and body type but also in wrestling style and philosophy.

In AEW, a lucha match can exist side-by-side with a strong-style match and a comedy match. Matches run the gamut of believability, from looking like a legitimate fight to looking a like a meta, self-aware work of performance art. AEW, as of now, embraces and promotes all types of wrestling.

But even so, a handful of AEW wrestlers would be perfect fits for WWE stardom. On this list, former WWE Superstars, most of whom left the company on bad terms, are not included. Neither are the Young Bucks or Kenny Omega, who have stakes in running AEW’s front office… Read More HERE    

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