Adam Cole makes WWE history with title defense in EVOLVE

By Tim Fiorvanti via ESPN – JUNE 25, 2018

In 2018, the previously unthinkable continues to become reality in WWE.

With a few notable exceptions in the 1990s, the thought of a champion under the WWE banner defending a WWE-branded title outside the boundaries of a WWE event was basically unheard of. As WWE outlasted all of its challengers and competitors to become the undeniable, singular giant in the world of pro wrestling, it saw no real benefit to giving other promotions the boost or credibility of lending out its talent.

But over the past 17 years (and counting) without another serious contender to speak of, that thinking shifted as WWE considered the future. As NXT picked up steam, tournament concepts like the Cruiserweight ClassicUnited Kingdom Championship Tournament and Mae Young Classicallowed for stars from the outside to be … Read the Full Story HERE



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