FORBES: AEW Seemingly Purchases ‘Wednesday Night War’ Domains, Furthering Feud With WWE


CODY RHODES-HAMMERWith October 2 still weeks away, WWE and AEW are engaged in a highly tactical game of billionaire-backed one-upmanship that would otherwise suggest the two sides have been feuding for years.

One minute, AEW is selling out television shows near WWE’s backyard, and the next, WWE is counter-programming them.

One minute, Cody is smashing a throne as an obvious shot at Triple H, and the next, Vince McMahon is undermining their advertising efforts by publicly calling AEW “blood and guts.”

If the war is this petty this early there’s no telling just how ugly it can get, but AEW’s latest (possible) needling of WWE might be its most complex.

Like a secret cheat code in a video game, AEW appears to have purchased domain names pertaining to the soon-to-be clichèd term “Wednesday Night War(s).”… Read More HERE

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