AIW’s Absolution XII

By Paul Stratoti, Staff Writer & Cauliflower Alley Club Lifetime Member

AIW’s Absolution XII

July 21, 2017 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Rumor had it that the only way you could have gotten into the afternoon AIW Training Seminar conducted by WWE Hall of Famer and Cauliflower Alley Club 2016 Award winner Arn Anderson was to have been a legit paid trainee of AIW as it was closed to the public.


CAC Lifetime Member Wayne Palmer had Arn autograph a copy of his autobiography and take a photo. It was awesome seeing the daughter of the late CAPW promoter JT Lightning Hannah Haase (the hot momma with the “I Flexed…” T shirt) in attendance.

Arn “the Enforcer” Anderson meets referee Dave “the AIW Enforcer” Dawson! Uh oh, no photos were to be taken unless a $20 donation were to be given. GULP! Stratman busted!!! … The Gorilla Position to the rescue!


After the special Meet & Greet all members of the AIW locker room were summoned to the ring in a show of respect to the recently deceased co-Promoter and owner of AIW Chris “Chandler Biggins” Bryan who lost his battle with a flesh eating disease last month.


AIW results credit to Analyst Reece.

Match 1) Dominic Garrini defeated the Duke.

Duke, you’re better off continuing to pave W. 117th Street, dear friend*


Match 2) Frankie Flynn defeated 7 foot tall PB Smooth


Match 3: Swoggle (aka WWE’s Hornswoggle) thinks he’s finally got Britt’s number after a few previous attempts to beat her previously in AIW. Before it’s all over, he finally earns her respect when Britt Baker defeated him via Submission and interference by Adam Cole!


In this FANS BRING THE WEAPONS Match, the AIW Universe were previously asked to bring their weapons-to-be-used to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Participants were each offered unopened cold cans of beer upon their entrance. They were allowed to either drink up before the match or to use them as weapons.


Match 4: Tom Lawlor defeated Eddie Kingston via submission


Match 5: Ethan Page defeated Shawn Schultz


Bullrope Match – The only way you can win the match is if you can tag all 4 corner post turnbuckles with your opponent attached to you.  


Match 6: New AIW vs Old AIW – New AIW (Tre Lamar, Garrison King, Joshua Bishop, AJ Gray, and Chase Oliver) def. Old AIW (Matthew Justice, T-Money, Russ Myers, Bobby Beverly, and Eric Ryan)


Match 7: AIW Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim (aka Jade) by Submission to retain the AIW Women’s Championship!


During he opening moments of the match a cocky Shayna complained that the mat was too slippery with beer and sweat to safely wrestle in and pulled a sit-down strike until the mat would be cleared. As a result, Mia decided to wipe the mat off herself with the WWE’s Mae Young Classic contestant’s garment.


Shayna tries her all to keep Mia from reaching the ropes to break the painful hold


Match 8: Joey Janela defeated Alex Daniels (w Greg Iron) by Submission to win the AIW Intense Championship!


Match 9: To Inifnity and Beyond def. Crazy Pain, Ninja Elite Squad, and Laredo Kid and DJZ to retain the AIW Tag Team Championship 


A split second earlier, Flip Kendrick performed an outside dive where he busted himself open on the arena floor thus suffered a head injury, was escorted out of the area and hospitalized shortly thereafter*

Match 10: AIW Absolute Championship Match: Champ Tim Donst defeated Tracy Williams, Josh Prohibition, and Louis Lyndon to retain the title!


11b (2)

Post Match, Nick Gage returned to AIW, downed Donst, and held up the Absolute Title.



Photo courtesy of Gregory Iron

NOTE: The demeanor and professionalism that I saw in Shayna from the moment that she entered from the back as she travelled to the ring area for the opening tribute to AIW’s fallen owner and co-promoter and then subsequent entrance, performance and closing were all championship trademarks. She is a champion warrior where the suspension of disbelief in our art is alive and kicking with a vengeance unseen since the golden days.

The only other time in recent years that I felt that amount of intense electricity was when I got momentarily stuck in the elevator one afternoon with Awesome Kong (aka WWE’s Kharma) during the 2011 Cauliflower Alley Club celebration. Other than that, not since the days when the Legion of Doom entered every venue that I saw them in.

PB Smooth: “It was great to have an opportunity to wrestle at Absolution 12. The Absolution show is one of the biggest stages of Indy wrestling today, and being embraced by that crowd was such an amazing feeling that I will never forget. Now things didn’t work out in my favor due to some cowardly acts conducted by Frankie Flynn and his supporting cast of confused characters, but he is gonna get his in due time. Trust me.”

All photos by Paul Stratoti except where noted.


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