Barrington Hughes: Carnage of the Bronze Kodiak

In an exclusive interview, Barrington Hughes defines the #NahFam Movement and how he’s aiming it directly at MLW for Battle Riot.

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

This is the story of what happens when a wounded bear becomes enraged.

When last we talked with Barrington Hughes, he was in the midst of a breakout year. With regular appearances on MLW Fusion – including being in the first real War Games match in 14 years – Hughes’s stock was certainly on the rise.

Or so it seemed.

“Honestly, I sat back and I watched myself the last month of [2018] and I realized I had no fucking bookings,” Hughes exclaimed during an interview with The Gorilla Position. “I’m thinking, I’m on TV, I’m doing better, even lost a little weight – man, this is going to be great! And–nothing.”

Hughes, looking to keep his momentum going, discovered that the persona that had made him one of 2018’s breakout stars – the flamboyant, quick-witted entertainer – is what was holding him back.

“When I started talking to a lot of promoters, a lot of them told me, ‘Well, you’re entertaining, you’re funny but we don’t know what to do with you,’’” Hughes said.

The former “Caramel Colossus” was content with his success in the wrestling world. But it was clear that had to change.


“That’s when I dropped the tropical colors and decided, ‘It’s time to be me again. The me that I know,’” Hughes said. “I gave people a portion of me from my youth. From being younger, from being the funny guy. Nah, fam. I’m still going to be that same arrogant, funny guy. I’ll still make you laugh. But that’s not my focal point anymore. Now I want the respect.“

Thus, the #NahFam movement was born.


Note the nicknames. “The COLOSSUS” – a sweeter portion of the personality, pointedly dropped. A mission statement in three simple words: “No more games.” A movement was born.

“‘Nah fam’ has been around for years,” Hughes explained when asked about his newfound purpose. “If there’s something your not comfortable with in your spirit, then you say, ‘Nah fam, I’m not good with that.’”

Gone was the “gentle giant” that loved making people happy. The business he loved since childhood had slapped him in the face.

Hughes is hitting back. With light tubes and barbed wire, if that’s what it takes.


In February, Hughes faced Casanova Valentine in a death match – Hughes’s first – at a No Peace Underground show in Orlando, FL. The experience brought the “Bronze Kodiak” out of hibernation.

“That [match] was the catalyst,” Hughes said. “Everybody was telling me, ‘No, don’t do it, you’re going to hurt yourself.’ But I got into that match and did it, and it was fucking liberating. Now I can say bring me your worst, because I’ve lived through this. I plucked glass out of my arms and all that. If that’s all it is? Bring it.”

One of the main stops in his quest for respect is MLW. Last appearing for the promotion in December, Hughes has had time to keep tabs on one of the first companies to solidify his fandom and, years later, to take a chance on him when it reformed.

What he saw may well be the last straw. The last man he shared the ring with in MLW, ironically, is now a symbol of the ultimate insult.

“It hit me like a gut punch when MLW brought in Ace [Romero],” Hughes said. “I’m seeing him get these longer featured matches and I’m thinking, shit, I’ve been here a fucking year and they never told me they wanted that. So I took that as an offense.”

Romero doesn’t seem to be in the path of the coming storm, bit the company that seemingly replaced Hughes is. “I’ve nothing against him personally,” Hughes said. “I respect Ace because he’s a hell out of a competitor. It’s not his fault. But I look at management and I’m like, if that’s what they wanted, they could have fucking told me. But they’ve wanted this comedy shit for the past year and I’ve been giving them that. But they never said anything! So that’s when I realized, I’m going to give them what they want.”

The old saying rears its head: be careful what you wish for. Officially part of MLW Battle Riot II on April 5, Hughes sees an opportunity in the 40-man free-for-all not only to earn a shot at the MLW World Championship anytime he wants it, but to take the respect he feels he’d already earned.

“I’m going in with two goals,” Hughes said. “I’m going in to break my record of eight eliminations last year and going in to win the whole damn thing. Those are my goals. If I don’t come out with at least one, I’m a complete failure.”

Hughes plans on taking that respect by force.

“It’s going to be ugly,” Hughes said. “It’s going to be bowling-shoe ugly. People are going to be like, ‘Why, why did they let him back in here? WHY?’ The first Battle Riot, I was having fun. Now? I don’t give a fuck. My purpose in that ring is what’s important to me.”

He may not be bringing that newfound rage and violence alone. “I plan on bringing a few surprises with me,” Hughes said. “I can only say this: rain is coming. That’s all I can allude to. Rain is coming. That’s it.”

Hughes also said that the MLW World Tag-Team Championships may also be a future goal. When pressed about the partner he would choose to pursue them with, the answer was the same: “Rain is coming.”

Whether with a partner or by himself, the incoming reign of terror from Barrington Hughes is one to keep an eye on. After giving his love to the business and one of the first promotions he fell in love in with – only to be seemingly disrespected by both – Hughes is on the warpath. He’s not comfortable with being left to wither in obscurity after giving so much of his spirit. So his response – “Nah fam, I’m not good with that” – has become a crusade of cruelty.

“What makes me happy is being able to walk away and you being left laid out,” Hughes said. “That’s what makes me happy now. There’s some darkness there, don’t get it twisted. I’ll put a cigar out in your eye in a heartbeat now. I don’t give a fuck.”



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