Barrington Hughes Challenges CONTRA’s Jacob Fatu at Rise of the Renegades

MLW today announced Jacob Fatu (CONTRA Unit) vs. Barrington Hughes for MLW’s April 4th (Rise of the Renegades) event at the Melrose Ballroom. The event will be a MLW FUSION TV taping for beIN SPORTS.

What happens when the undefeated super heavyweight Barrington Hughes collides with CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu? New York may be left in ruins as two monsters rampage this Thursday night!

The ring will be reinforced as two unpredictable forces rumble in Queens this Thursday night.

Barrington Hughes is undefeated since debuting October 5, 2017. Every opponent has been steamrolled in a minute or less. Now imagine what an angry “Caramel Colossus” is like. Barrington demanded a match against Fatu after the outsiders identifying themselves as the CONTRA Unit attacked his friend and fellow super heavyweight Ace Romero.

CONTRA UNIT first appeared at Intimidation Games attacking Tom Lawlor. They hijacked the show to declare their intent at a hostile takeover of MLW. In the weeks to follow, the trio have released propaganda videos laced with threats to all in MLW.

Who is behind CONTRA? We don’t know. What we do know is that CONTRA (thus far) includes: Simon Gotch, Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael.

CONTRA Unit is an international organization cloaked in mystery but driven to gain power, disrupt leagues such as MLW and conquer all in their path by any means necessary. Now they must deal with the wrath of Barrington Hughes.

CONTRA has already put out their mantra as “global dealers in violence” and now their biggest solider: Jacob Fatu readies for war against Barrington Hughes.

Who will prevail? Find out as the 300 pound Samoan rampages with the 469 pounder from Miami!

Find out in New York April 4 at the Melrose Ballroom a MLW presents a national TV taping for beIN SPORTS.

Tickets start at $20 at

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